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Stone Effect Spray Review

Posted Nov 10, 2022 | Paints, Product Review | 0 comments

My review comes from a crafter’s view, and the product of choice was Maston Stone Effect. You can buy this produce from The Range. This was my first time using the Maston Spray Effect, and I wanted to give it a proper test on a real project.

First, I checked what was needed in order to use Maston Stone Effect. You will need proper mask, because it’s difficult to prevent overspray. As with any stone effect spray, there is also a strong smell.

I decide I would try the spray on three different surfaces. Wood, glass, and baked polymer clay.

I started with a glass a coffee jar, which took a couple of light coats to get a satisfactory covering. The drying time was about 3 hours, so I then applied to the jar while I waited and went about making a roof.

maston stone effect spray
stone effect spray in arts and crafts

For the roof I used baked polymer clay, which took three coats of Maston Spray to cover. The drying time was about the same on each material. I felt it had a great finish, looking very much like the sample on the lid. I then used this for the roof of the glass house.

Finally, I tried it on wood that had been previously coating using acrylic-based paint. I found once the second coat had dried, the colours leaked through. An extra coat of Maston Stone Effect Spray was all that was needed. I added a little glitter to the coasters, we all need some sparkle.

So, in summery; would I recommend this spray? Yes, I would, it was easy to apply, dried well on different surfaces, and I would imagine it will be hard wearing.

Stone Effect Spray Review – By Professional Crafter Kim Wignall.

stone effect spray on a glass bottle
arts and crafts
a toadstool

Posted Nov 10, 2022 | 0 comments

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