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Spengar IR Paint Stripper Review

Posted Oct 13, 2022 | Product Review, Tools | 0 comments

The Spengar IR, or Infrared Paint Stripper uses a new method of removing old paint from a surface. This tool uses concentrated infrared waves to heat the wood and the paint. This causes the paint to expand, then you can easily remove it with a scraper.

The casing on the outside of the head is made from a hardened plastic, which doesn’t heat up as you’re using the tool. The inside of the head is ceramic. You simply place the head face down on the painted surface you mean to strip and leave it for a few second, then scrape.


My Spengar IR Paint Stripper Review


I was really impressed with this tool. It feels robust, like it would withstand being knocked around in the van and still last for years. I found it manoeuvrable too; you’re not restricted to sold, flat surfaces. Providing you can place the head over the surface you want to strip, the IR Paint Stripper will still do its job.


I have stripped paint with a heat gun in the past, which has the same effect, but is a lot more dangerous. So much so, a lot of public liability insurers don’t cover it. This is different; it works at a lower temperature, and is a lot more controlled. It only heats the surface directly under the head, so there is no chance of damaging anything else. You can even use it around a glass panel window without fear of cracking the glass.

The Spengar IR Paint Stripper works very well. My only gripe is it takes a little while to heat up. Other than that, it’s perfect. It’s much safer than using a heat gun and a lot quicker (and less messy) than using chemical paint strippers.

It’s reasonably priced too. You can pick them up online for £75, which represents fantastic value!


Spengar IR Paint Stripper Review – by Bruce Struce

Posted Oct 13, 2022 | 0 comments

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