Sandtex 365 all seasons masonry paint review - pliolite based masonry paint

Sandtex 365 Masonry Paint Review

By Scott Dowie


I was delighted when I was asked by the Decorators Forum UK to conduct a Sandtex 365 masonry paint review (All Weather Masonry Paint).


Sandtex 365 is a pliolite based paint (oil), which is available in hundreds of different colours from any Crown Decorating Centre. The paint is shower proof in 20 minutes, touch dry in a couple of hours and re-coat in 16 hours. The benefits of using a good quality pliolite masonry paint are longevity of finish and protection against sudden changes of weather when applying the product. You can use Sandtex 365 in temperatures as low as -10 degrees!!


Unlike other Pliolite based masonry paints, Sandtex 365 states on the tin that their product offers a whopping 20 Years of Protection. I obviously cannot comment on this as it has only been a few weeks since I used it so only time will tell, but it’s a bold statement considering others won’t commit to longer than 15years.


To test the product, I had the Pliolite colour matched to F&B Vert De Terre at Crown Decorating Centre in Edinburgh and the colour was absolutely spot on.


The paint sat for a little over a week while I waited for the freshly rendered wall to cure and I was pleased on opening the tin, that there had been no separation. After a quick stir to make sure the pigment definitely hadn’t settled, I was ready to go.


The consistency of the paint was not as viscous as others I have used. It flowed much better and felt more like a good quality emulsion than Pliolite.


As the surface being painted was smooth, there was very little spray from the Ciret Concept Masonry Roller and the coverage was excellent. The wall went from cement grey to a lovely shade of green in its first coat.


I could have easily gotten away with one coat of this as the coverage was so good, but I gave it another as I had quoted for giving it two.


This was a great Pliolite to use. It is more expensive than my regular brand but maybe the additional 5 years of guarantee will convince clients that it should be the `Go To` product for the future.

sandtex pliolite based masonry paint is the best paint to use on a garden wall
sandtex 365 masonry paint review after being applied to an exterior wall

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Sandtex 365 Masonry Paint Review