Sadolin Wood Stain Review (Classic and Extra) - one of the best wood stains on the market for bare timber

Sadolin Wood Stain Review (Classic and Extra)

By Mike Gregory


Sadolin wood stain comes as two separate products. The Sadolin Classic can be used on its own indoors. However, when working externally on new or bare timber, you should use Sadolin Classic as your first coat(s) to build up your desired colour, followed by a coat of Sadolin Extra to give your finish the UV protection needed for longevity.


Sadolin products are manufactured by Crown at their factory in Darwin. It is a popular trade brand, so you can purchase it from many independent merchants, or online from the Paint Shed. I tend to buy mine directly from Crown Decorating Centre, simply because that’s where I buy most of my materials for my job as a professional decorator.


Sadolin wood stain is available in various different colours. The Classic and the Extra are both oil-based products, however they also do a “quick-dry” wood stain which is water-based. I’ll pop a little section about Sadolin QD at the bottom of this blog.


My Sadolin Wood Stain Review


OK, I’m almost 200 words into the review and I haven’t given my opinion on anything yet. Sadolin probably produce one of the nicest wood stains on the market!! Opacity is lacking a little bit, so if you’re recoating aged timber that has had a few knocks, it may be advantageous to dye any spots of bare timber with something like Colron prior to staining (Available at B&Q).


Other than opacity, everything else about Sadolin is pretty good. Even when you use the classic on its own, you are always left with a very rich and durable finish. Brush marks just seem to melt away, which is a Godsend on large flat surfaces such as doors.


Classic AND Extra on External Timber


There is a reason Sadolin tell you to use two separate products as part of a system on external timber, even though most other brands have a “one product does all” approach. Having one product to do everything means you need to compromise on something. You’re essentially asking that one product to build colour, have enough body to cover, be thin enough to level out, cope with UV, be flexible and even waterproof.


Sadolin does not compromise. The Sadolin Classic is there to have body, build colour and form a solid base. The Sadolin Extra adds depth, levels off beautifully and contains the UV protection. Both together will give you the best finish you’re ever likely to achieve using wood stain.


Another advantage of using Sadolin is the longevity of product and the protection it offers. As a decorator, I’ve been working in the same area for approximately 20 years, so I get to see how well each product lasts over time. I can tell you now, from my own experience that the two brands which last the longest are Sadolin and Sikkens. Nothing else seems to come close!! Nothing I’ve tried anyway.


There is one other disadvantage of Sadolin Extra and that’s the drying time. You should only use this product outside and in good weather, otherwise it may still be tacky 24 hours after using it. This is an inconvenience when coating doors and windows as you won’t be able to close them until the stain is dry. It also means there’s more chance of being caught out by an unexpected shower and ruining your work!!


Sadolin Quick Dry Wood Stain


Water-based has a few advantages and disadvantages over oil, especially when it comes to stain, but that’s a completely different blog. Let’s review Sadolin quick dry wood stain. Adhesion is great on bare timber, or timber previously coated with water-based stain (I tend to avoid using water-based unless I know for certain the timber has never been stained with oil in the past).


Opacity is good and it is easy to hide brush marks. The finish and longevity are good for water-based, but not at the same level as oil. Ease of use is amazing!! This product just flies on, regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional.


Available in many different colours.

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Sadolin Wood Stain Review (Classic and Extra)