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Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor paint Review

Posted Jan 2, 2023 | Paints, Product Review | 1 comment

Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor paint, and I quote ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’.

Available in two sizes, 2.5l, 5l, and five rather fetching colours; Tile Red, Steel Blue, Slate, Black and Green. Each litre covers up to12metres squared, and can be used on bare or previously painted floors. It is ready to roll all over in approximately 72hrs and is available from a wide array of suppliers such as Toolstation, B&Q, or online by clicking here.


My Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor paint Review


As a professional decorator, I’m well versed with using a vast array of paints and this has to be up there as one of the easiest paints to use. I first encountered this floor paint, when I needed a tough paint for the floor in a cellar. The cellar was receiving a very rudimentary overhaul, it had just been tanked and skimmed, and a sport bare concrete floor. If you’ve heard of the tv show ‘Preppers’ you’ll get a clear indication of what the owners wanted to use this room for. Think lots of racking being dragged across the floor, vast vats of products and bulk buys. I needed something tough, and I couldn’t have stumbled across a seemingly more perfect product.

After I cleaned the floor, I prepared my paint, taking the advice from the instructions on the tin to thin the first coat with 25% water. Essentially creating a mist coat for the floor because Stone and Concrete have an absorbent character.

I brushed it round the edges and used a paint roller on a pole to apply it the floor, starting at the back and working walking backwards to toward the direction of the door

I left the Ronseal Floor Paint 4 hours to dry and returned to apply another coat. The first coat looked kind of patchy where some of the paint had absorbed into the floor more in some areas than others, but as soon as that second coat started to go on, I knew we were on to a winner.

It could be that the stark roughness of a bare stone or concrete floor, really highlights the fluency of this paint, but to me it feels like painting with silk. It flows so effortlessly, draping itself into every crevice. The svelte consistency is notable, as is the clean air. We often assimilate the potency of a paint with its durability. An assault on your senses is expected with a product for any type of industrial use, but this has barely a whiff.


Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor paint  is water-based, which means easier to use, easier clean up, faint smell and most importantly of all it’s better for the environment.

After a third and final coat I advised the customer to refrain from putting anything on it for a few days to allow the paint to fully cure.

It was a few years before I saw the floor again and it still looked as good as new. The slight lustre to the satin finish really adds aesthetically to the floor. It feels almost sterile, and that’s what we want isn’t it? A nice clean fresh look.

I used it again to paint my own new garage floor just over a year ago. The floor has since been subject to Kayaks, Ladders, the Lawnmower, and more being dragged across it. Paint and other miscellaneous cleaning fluids being spilt on it. Yet It’s still looking pretty smart.

To summarise, it’s a great product. If I had to rate Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor paint harshly, I’d take a point away for the limited colour range but otherwise it’s a strong 9/10 from me. Ronseal, congratulations on another great product, I’m floored.

Click here for more information, or to see the latest prices.

Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor paint Review – by Harriet Stone

Posted Jan 2, 2023 | 1 comment

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1 Comment

  1. Robin Wilson

    Have used this product several times, however the tin I bought recently, was meant to be slate grey however it looked more light grey against the original paint used two years previous, the paint would not mix correctly and always looked streaky in the tin, when applied it had no body to it, the previous paints from Ronseal were totally different. It was very viscous and was like applying an emulsion paint. So disappointed with the product. There is obviously something wrong with this paint.


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