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Professional Decorators Give Their Tips On Wallpapering

Professional Decorators Give Their Tips On Wallpapering

Professional Decorators Give Their Tips On Wallpapering We asked members of Decorators Forum to give their professional wallpapering secrets away.... This is what they came back with On dark colour wallpaper plan out and paint were joints will be Don't hang Laura...

What is your ‘ELEPHANT TETHER?’

What is your                  ‘ELEPHANT TETHER?’ If you are like my wife, you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about either, so I will explain. When was the last time the Circus came to your town? Now when was the last time you saw live, exotic animals performing?...


Noisserped (Depression) Have I got your attention? I thought if I spelt the word correctly, many of you would ignore the article and turn to the next page. Why do I say this you ask? Because it’s a known fact that people who suffer from this have a problem admitting...

The Best Excuses For Someone To Be Off Work

The Best Excuses For Someone To Be Off Work We asked members of Decorators Forum Facebook Group for the best (worst) excuses they had come across for an employee not to be in work!!This should be good...  I burnt myself on a sunbed I had a premonition that while I was...

Johnstones StainAway On Water stains

Johnstones StainAway On Water stains.... a proper review by professional Decorator Richard Irons If today weren't bad enough this pile of s**t failed miserably.I spoke to their technical team and they literally came up with every excuse in the book."It needs to be...

“How has the Decorators Forum helped you?”

“How has the Decorators Forum helped you?” In 2015 I created a group on Facebook called the “Decorators Forum” which I added all the decorators I knew, and asked them to add all decorators they knew in return as a ‘collective knowledge' of the decorating trade. 3...

Thomas Bennett Community College

Thomas Bennett Community College A Case Study 3D Decorating Serviceswere contracted in May 2018,to redecoratethe exterior elevations of the Thomas Bennett Community College (, in Crawley, West Sussex, using the Graphenstone paint...

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