Problems With Osmo Oil Customer Service

By Michael Price


Customer service is absolutely horrendous!

On the advice of someone else, I called up to check the recommended period before it may need another coat, for maintenance.

Giving me all the “depending on this and that” that all companies come out with, but couldn’t give me a decent answer, but when he did try to give an answer, he wasn’t very convincing. So another recoat maybe needed in 8 months or 3 years, depending on the variables……..

So then I tell him he didn’t sound very convincing and surely they’ve got some sort of an idea on how long there products last in general UK weather, middle of the island type weather. I say that I may have to consider alternatives, to which he says “OK” and puts the phone down.

He also contradicted himself because he was telling me there clear UV oil doesn’t last as long as the tints, but online they are recommending the clear coat as a final coat to extend the life, to which he tells me this could be wrong.

I don’t very often do many wood staining jobs, maybe one small job a year, but I’ve always used Dulux unless specified. This a decent sized house with all oak doors and windows that are being sanded back to natural because the last job was done poorly with Sadolin.

I will probably use Dulux?

The Osmo 420 UV protection is a nightmare for recoat. You’re looking at a good 2 months before it stops being tacky. Put me right off using it.

Problems With Osmo Oil

I had a convocation with the Osmo rep a few years back at brewers. he told me that the clear will break down 12 to 15 times quicker than a tinted oil. He said that it would need looking at after 6 months, especially on anything horizontal like windowsills, beads etc. I’ve seen tinted osmo fail after 12 months & it’s a ball ache putting it right again.

Dale Hamilton

I had similar with Osmo last year. They recommended UV clear for two garden benches. Complete failure within six months. Spoke to them this year and they said UV is only for vertical surfaces not horizontal! They then suggested decking oil for the garden benches!! I have had to completely redo the job for my customer. Over to Barrentine who were much more helpful

Dave Mallard

As a professional decorator, how could you possibly consider using this on a client’s house. There are far better alternative products available.

Sean Knowles - problem with Osmo Oil customer service

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