Fiddes High Build Wood Oil Review

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Fiddes High Build Wood Oil is used to treat exterior timber. It is a translucent product that is available online by clicking here in 1, or 2.5 l tins, but not in tinted colours. Recoat time is 4-6 hours depending on conditions, which is very good for a product of this type.

You should apply Fiddes Wood Oil in dry conditions as the first coat needs to penetrate the timber, which won’t happen if the timber is already damp. So, stick to using it during the warmer months where possible. Apply a minimum of three coats of this product to bare timber to build up adequate protection against the elements. Followed by a “maintenance coat” once every couple of years thereafter.


My Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil Review


I used this for the first time recently, and I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s thinner than other traditional exterior wood oils, which makes it quicker and easier to apply. Not just that, but it seems to penetrate bare timber better than the others too, which gives me confidence the timber is going to be better protected.


Fiddes High Build Wood Oil hardly seems to alter the colour of the timber. Rather, it just adds a little bit of depth and brings out the grain whilst retaining the natural colour. This is good, because products like this need to look good, as well as protect your timber.

The faster drying time means you can apply multiple coats in a day and there is less chance of your finished surface meeting moisture before it’s fully cured. No more returning to your work in the morning to find it looking cloudy!!

Fiddes High Build Wood Oil Review - the best oil for exterior wood
Fiddes High Build Wood Oil Review

Price wise, Fiddes High Build Wood Oil is slightly cheaper than Osmo Oil, which is its main competitor on the UK market. Unlike Osmo, Fiddes is manufactured in Britain.

All said, I really like Fiddes High Build Wood Oil and I will carry on using it as part of my job as a professional decorator moving forward. It’s dead easy to use and leaves you with stunning results! Click here to see current prices.

Fiddes High Build Wood Oil on an Exterior Gate

Fiddes High Build Wood Oil is an exterior product used to protect timber. It works on all types of timber, including cedar and hard wood.

Review Summary

Fiddes High Build Wood Oil Review - Decorator's forum UK

An oil used to coat exterior timber to protect it from the elements.

Product Brand: Fiddes

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use and work into the wood.
  • Seems to go for miles.
  • Brings out the grain and makes wood look rich.
  • Made in Britain.
  • Quick drying.


  • As with any oil, you will need a ‘maintenance coat’ every 18-months.

Updated Jun 9, 2024 | Posted Apr 17, 2022 | 3 comments

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About the Author

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  1. Ian crampsie

    I need something like this for a fence I have! I like a rustic look and a natural looking wood. So this is ace thanks Mike! Brilliant review.

    • Mike Edwards

      Got some work coming up and this be ideal to try

    • Steve

      Have used osmo previously,can I apply this over it,cheers.


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