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Pioneer Spirit Renaissance Eco Review

Updated Jan 18, 2023 | Posted Aug 16, 2022 | Product Review, Tools | 0 comments

At the time of writing this review, the Spirit Renaissance Eco range is new to the market. Pioneer Brush Company have spent a lot of time and effort developing these tools. They are currently available online by clicking here and is starting to pop up at various trade counters.

The idea behind these tools is simple; Pioneer wanted a range of trade quality decorating tools that are environmentally friendly. I’m a decorator and I’ve been using these tools for the past few weeks. I thought I’d take you through each product in turn as part of a Pioneer Spirit Renaissance Eco review. I hope you find it useful.


Pioneer Spirit Renaissance Eco Paint Brush


Let’s start with the big guns. The Pioneer Spirit Renaissance Eco paint brush is available in a range of different sizes. The handle is made from bamboo composite and the bristles are synthetic. For me, the best thing about this brush is the weight! It is incredibly light, meaning you can use it for longer periods without getting hand cramp or repetitive strain injury.

It seems to hold loads of paint too. I like using the Pioneer Eco Spirit brush in emulsion and I find it fantastic for applying heavy coats of paint. Quality brush heads are something that the Pioneer Brush Company are very good at, and it really shows with this paintbrush.

You won’t find anything better in the same price bracket.


Pioneer Spirit Renaissance Eco Biodegradable Plastic Sheeting


I don’t know about you, but as a decorator, I go through loads of single-use plastic sheeting at work, especially when spraying. I often feel guilty about the amount of plastic I send to landfill. That’s until now, because the Pioneer Eco plastic sheeting is biodegrade. This is a massive step forward in our endeavour for a sustainable world. Goodness knows why all plastic sheeting isn’t biodegradable, but this is the only one I’ll use from now on.


Pioneer Spirit Renaissance Eco Roller Frame


A great solid frame that will fit any sleeve smugly. The cage is chrome, and the handle is bamboo composite, making it very lightweight and robust. The only downside for me is the Pioneer Eco roller frame does not have a screw attachment for your pole, so you need a push adapter. Other than that, it’s a quality bit of kit.


Roller Tray and Liners


OK, as a decorator I tend to stick to scuttles, but I’ll do my best to review this tray on its own merits. It consists of a robust cardboard tray with recycled plastic liners. It does everything you’d expect from a tray. The liners clean out easily, even when the paint is dry. Other than that, there isn’t really much else to say.


Final Thoughts


You’ve got to love it! The Pioneer Brush company did what they set out to do. Their range of tools are great quality and environmentally friendly. I hope decorators will make the switch.

 Click here for more information, or to see the latest prices.

Pioneer Spirit Renaissance Eco Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Jan 18, 2023 | Posted Aug 16, 2022 | 0 comments

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