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What are everyone’s thoughts on painting the top of door frames? I asked on Facebook the other day and got a mixed response.

I’m a professional decorator, and I like to do the best job I can for all my customers. I now paint the top of all door frames, not just the ones that you see when going up the stairs.

I used to only paint the top of  frames on the ones where you can see that edge when going up and down the stairs. I never painted the ones you never see. I was never taught to as an apprentice. I always thought “there’s no need as you won’t see them anyway.” I don’t know any other decorators who do either.

But then about Five years ago a customer rang me up and demanded that I go back and paint all the top of the door frames I had missed when decorating his property. He had actually got up on a step ladder and checked each one! He was confused as to why I’d only done the ones you see from the stairs. I went back and did them all. “Customer is always right” and all that. Even though I did think he was a bit of a nightmare at the time.


Since I made the decision to paint all the tops of door frames, I bet not a single one of them has been checked. I can’t see anyone else bothering. I don’t paint the tops of door frames in my own home

And now I’ve learnt from that and always paint them all. whether you see them or not.


Painting Top of Door Frames – by Tommy Mann

Updated Feb 17, 2024 | Posted Apr 28, 2021 | 1 comment

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.
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  1. Valerie

    The tops of door frames are dust collectors. Painting them makes it easier to remove the dust. Its that simple.


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