Leyland Fast Drying Satin Review

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I tested the Leyland Fast Drying Satin last week. This is a water-based satinwood product that can be used inside or out. You can buy it from loads of different stockists, including Johnstone’s Decorating Centre, but unless you’re entitiled to a trade discount, it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy the paint online by clicking here. Leyland Fast Drying Satin comes in white, or any tinted colour from Johnstone’s vast range. The recoat time is 3 – 4 hours, meaning you can apply multiple coats in a day.

Leyland Fast Drying Satin will not adhere directly to old oil-based gloss or similar coatings, so you should use an adhesion primer if you intend to coat problem surfaces. Leyland recommend the use of its own “fast drying undercoat”, which is a fitting name really.

Leyland Fast Dry satin is a fully water-based paint, meaning it will never discolour over time. This is an issue with all modern oil-based paints, which is why water-based is becoming increasingly popular.


My Leyland Fast Drying Satin Review


I used this paint in “brilliant white”, and it is very white too!! The opacity wasn’t too good, and I ended up needing to apply three coats over old oil-based gloss. It just feels a little bit thin to be fair.


It isn’t very easy to apply either and takes a little bit of getting used to. You can get a good finish with Leyland Fast Drying Satin if you use a soft brush and keep it wet. I dip mine in water every half hour to keep the paint from drying on the ferrule. Otherwise, it dries very fast and clogs, then becomes a nightmare! You can’t roll it either, even though the instructions say you can. Don’t even bother trying!

All being said, you can and will achieve a great finish with Leyland Fast Drying Satin. It’s going to take some faffing though!! Click here for more info, or to see the current prices.


The Alternatives


Leyland and Johnstone’s paints are both manufactured by PPG, Leyland being the budget brand, and Johnstone’s being the premium. The alternative to Leyland Fast Drying Satin is a product called Johnstone’s Aqua guard.

Aqua Guard is more expensive than Leyland Fast Drying Satin, but it is infinitely better. In fact, there isn’t a lot of products available it isn’t better than. We’re talking about a fully water-based satinwood with great opacity, is easy to use, leaves a great finish and dries very durable.

Aqua Guard is probably the brand leader amongst trade professionals, and it’s a product I can vouch for.

Available online by clicking here.

Updated Jan 19, 2023 | Posted Mar 24, 2022 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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