Kolorbond Single and 2K review

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As Professional Decorators, we have been using Kolorbond for several years now. In particular, their single, and 2K paint systems. Both are designed to be used on uPVC such as windows, doors, soffits and fascia. From day one the owner Dave and his main salesman Simon have always been keen to help out with any questions and queries we have had. They both seem to have a good technical knowledge of their product as you would expect. This is my Kolorbond single and 2K review.

Ordering is easy, we just call to place the order and it is normally ready the same day to collect, or next day delivery if you prefer. One of the stockists I recommend is Rawlings Paints, who also give excellent customer service and offer a speedy delivery.

In regards to training, we have not been on the course as we already have experience in spraying uPVC etc, that said the course is free of charge and people who I know who have been on it said it was very good.

Product information is as follows, we use two products the normal single pack Kolorbond, and the K2 (2 pack)

For painting windows, soffit, fascia we use the single pack, it sprays better with a compressor set up compared to a HVLP Graco system for example, the finish is very good but as with all paints the preparation is key. Drying time is very fast, and you can easily get 3 coats on in the matter of hours. We have scratch tested it on different uPVC and as long as you have prepared the surface correctly it does not scratch off.


Kolorbond K2 is used on front doors, garage doors etc, this product is even more robust than the standard Kolorbond, it sprays just as easy, but the drying time is longer. That said, you still get the required coats on easily in a day.

To sum up, the quality seems to be good, cost I am told is dependent on how much you buy, so no different to the main paint manufactures. Is it value for money? Yes, I think it is.  Would I recommend Kolorbond, yes! What do I like about it? Easy to use, quick drying and if used correctly does work, what don’t I like? The price, even though its good value, I would still like it cheaper!! But that’s just me being a businessman.

The best thing about Kolorbond is the longevity of the products. Spraying uPVC can be very problematic and I often hear of other paint products failing over time. As a contractor I need to have complete confidence in the materials I use. For this reason alone, it is worth me sticking with Kolorbond!! I now have a sizable business with a few employees covering a large area of Britain and I have never had any issues. I have absolute faith in Kolorbond and I will continue to use them moving forward.

If you’re looking for more information on spraying uPVC please contact me through my website by clicking here.



Kolorbond Single and 2K review - Decorator's forum UK

These are paint systems specially formulated for use on uPVC. They’re mostly used by Professional Decorators to apply with a spray machine.

Product Brand: Kolorbond

Editor's Rating:


  • Good aftercare
  • Easy to use.
  • Good finish.
  • Good longevity.


  • Very limited stockists.
  • Not very good when applied via brush.

Updated May 19, 2024 | Posted Aug 21, 2019 | 0 comments

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