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Wow… Just wow!

A product I’ve seen mentioned on  Decorators Forum UK previously and I have been using for a number of years, both in Spain and the UK. This is simply amazing stuff. Jotun DEMIDEKK is a fully water-based exterior paint product which is used on timber work such as cladding, windows and doors. It is available online by clicking here in white, or about a million different tinted colours.

It’s essentially a paint used for any type of exterior woodwork. You can apply Juton DEMIDEKK via brush, roller, or airless sprayer, and you can buy it in a range of colours.

DEMIDEKK has great adhesion, so you can use it on previously painted surfaces without the need for an additional primer.


My Jotun DEMIDEKK Review


This paint is in a league of its own when you compare it to other water-based satinwood products out there. It’s even better than Zinsser all Coat, and that’s a bold statement. Jotun DEMIDEKK flows nicely, has great adhesion, great opacity in tinted colours, and looks great. You can get the odd brush mark on large, flat surfaces, but no more than any other comparable product. Opacity in white isn’t as good, but it still does the job.

Where DEMIDEKK comes into its own is the longevity of the overall finish. It seems to stand up well to the Great British weather and retains its colour for years. Not only does it flex well with timber, meaning it doesn’t start to peel further down the line, but it also stands up to UV radiation, so it doesn’t lose its colour. Oh, and it contains a biocide to resist fungal growth. Maybe it’s time to throw the oil-based paintbrushes out all together?

You can see the opacity in the above picture. Remember, this isn’t an undercoat. It’s a self-priming satinwood. Do you know any other satinwood that will block white out in one coat?

There are a couple of drawbacks: You need to apply an extra coat to get the full protection, and the opacity in white isn’t very good. It would be great if they made a multi-surface option too, so we could use the same paint on wood, metal, and masonry.

All said and done, DEMIDEKK is a fantastic product, and one I love. As a Professional Decorator I have a lot of faith in this paint. Click here to see online prices.



Jotun DEMIDEKK Review - exterior paint - Decorator's forum UK

Jotun DEMIDEKK is a water-based paint used on exterior timber. It’s widely available in Europe and available online in the UK.

Product Brand: Jotun

Editor's Rating:


  • Great flow.
  • Fantastic finish.
  • Extended longevity.


  • Isn’t widely available.
  • Poor opacity in white.
  • You should apply an additional coat.

What do Other Decorators Think

All colours are just as good. It’s brilliant stuff

Matt Evans

Professional Painter and Decorator

Used it last week in white, can’t see what all the fuss is about. The opacity wasn’t that good.

Neil Potter

Professional Painter and Decorator

That one is nice; I do prefer it to superdec as the flow is better in my experience and you can paint over in a few hours. The version for windows and doors, is even nicer to use, but it’s pricy so I just use it for those places. The only downside I can see is they don’t make any claims of being self-priming.

Calvin Jones

Professional Painter and Decorator

Love Jotun excellent products, been using for 20 years plus 😄👍

It isn’t often you find a water-based product with great adhesion and stands up for years in the UK weather. I can honestly say this product is up there as one of the best options available.

Chris Turner

Professional Painter and Decorator

They make paints for oil rigs so they know what they are talking about. I agree with this Jotun DEMIDEKK Review

Paul Cameran

Professional Painter and Decorator

Blog written by Ste Hanson – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 5, 2024 | Posted Jun 29, 2019 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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