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How to Paint Larger Areas Faster

Posted Jan 12, 2023 | Professional insight, Tool Insight | 0 comments

The Molossus is a series designed and manufactured by ROLLINGDOG, for larger area painting work needing faster coverage. The Super-Micro microfiber roller covers are lint free with maximum durability for continued use. the 3/8″ (10mm) is perfect for most interior walls, and apply paint evenly and smoothly.

Microfiber holds more paint than standard covers and releases it very slow and evenly for a spray like finish. The 18″ thin tray is made of heavy duty plastic, and can fit on ROLLINGDOG’s Molossus bucket as a lid.

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1.Faster painting – Made painting my guest room quicker and easier.

2.Nice Paint Set – The set was very nice quality and was used to paint a living room ceiling. Worked really nice and holds paint. Did get a little heavy over time. Overall very happy with my purchase.

3.Great set – Worked perfectly for our project and made it much faster.


You can select different single product or combination on Amazon  like 18″ MICROFIBER PAINT ROLLER SET 7PCS,18″ PAINT TOOL KIT 5PCS.


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Use with rollers sized 12-18 inches for faster work painting. Easy adjust knobs tighten/loosen to change frame to fit different length roller covers. Lightweight but rigid aluminum adjustable arms. Ergonomic rubber gripped handle connects with threaded extension poles.

how to paint large areas of wall faster



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Washable and reusable Super-Micro covers are lint free and apply a very even finish. Microfiber holds more paint than standard covers while also reducing splatter.

3/8″ NAP FIBER: Works with all paints both water-based and oil-based applying flat to semi gloss paints on smooth to semi smooth surfaces like drywall.

LARGE PAINT BUCKET WITH THIN TRAY/LID: The large capacity paint bucket has angled grid for loading rollers and heavy duty folding handle for easy transport. Includes separate 18″ paint tray that doubles as lid for paint bucket.

Posted Jan 12, 2023 | 0 comments

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