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HMG Spray Courses Review

By Adam Featherstone

HMG are a relatively unheard-of company in the decorative sector but have a long history in paints. They are based in Manchester just outside the city centre.

HMG HQ in Manchester

Established in 1930, HMG has grown to become the UK’s Largest Independent Paint Manufacturer. Offering innovative and compliant paints and powder coatings to a variety of markets, all backed up with outstanding technical support and customer service.


First impression of the staff, from the reception staff to the trainer are incredibly friendly.

After a brief induction and health and safely video, the trainers explain what the course is about and what products you will be using today.

At this point you’re given a goodie bag with an impressive amount of goods inside. The notebook is very handy to keep on you as Tony, the lead trainer and his team just drop amazing tips out of nowhere. I would say I’m a confident sprayer. I’m fully aware of what areas I need to improve in, but I was blown away by just how much knowledge Tony has, and he’s very approachable about any questions you have. A couple of the guys on the course had had no spraying experience at all.

Tony O’ Connor and Matt Parsons are the two lead sprayers, it’s very humbling to just stand and watch just how talented these guys are. The two apprentices, Josh Taylor and Nathan Eckersley, are very knowledgeable and helpful.

One very noticeable point, throughout the course, they are very keen to point out they weren’t here to sell. They were happy to explain the pros and cons of each unit, but they did it in an unbiased way, which I do think is refreshing to not have someone pushing a sale on you.

You get plenty of time with a spray gun in your hand. The course I was on is for kitchen cabinets and furniture, so we only used a HVLP gun. Tony and his apprentices are on hand to watch you spray and show you techniques to improve. They had a laid-back way of explaining the different techniques.

people learning to spray
gravity fed HVLP gun

(excuse the crazed look on my face I don’t deal well with 530am starts well)

Dinner break is worth a mention, they have an onsite canteen and they very generously provide you with a dinner free of charge. The food was fantastic!!!


The products we used were the 2nd generation of their water-based satinwood and gloss. Now I will be honest and say I tried their 1st generation satinwood and gloss and although it’s the brightest white I’ve seen, it was far too thick for my liking. I know, it’s a first world problem “the paint too thick for me” boo who you winger! But I do prefer paints that are ready to use out the tin. Well HMG have addressed that issue. The gloss has lovely consistency to it now. The satinwood is still thick, but not as thick as it was.

At the spray booth, Tony explained the plan and what we will be doing, along with the gun we would use.  

In the booth, Tony explained the different methods of spraying cabinets and furniture, and the pros and cons of each. Also, the preparation needed for the paint to work properly.

Once everyone had a spray, Tony then showed us how an Air Defuser works to dry off the paint. I had never seen one in action! Safe to say I’ve already purchased one.

Grace and Stephen who have worked tirelessly to put on theses courses, pop in and out throughout the day. At the end of the course they explain how the online shop and service works. The knowledge base and troubleshooting section is a very handy reference point to have bookmarked.

The online shop is a new venture of HMG, which you can use to purchase the paints on and book training courses, please note you can even book a 1 on 1 training course, which some people may prefer.

At the end of course your given a certificate and a final opportunity to ask any questions, at this point unlike other courses I’ve been in, it’s that much of a relaxed atmosphere you feel comfortable asking questions you might normally hold back from asking, your given instructions on how to sign up to the website and given a 30% discount code to use for your first purchase.


HMG spray course review – Adam Featherstone

HVLP training
gravity fed hvlp gun
HMG paints spray course review

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