Dulux Academy Design Beautiful Spaces Course

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I have just spent two days at the Dulux Academy doing the ‘design beautiful living spaces’ course. I thought I’d write a quick review in case there were any other Decorators, budding interior designers, or other colour lovers who might be interested.


What is The Dulux Academy


The Dulux Academy is a training centre set up by Dulux, and they operate at several locations in the UK. The cover a wide range of courses; from spraying, to wallpaper, and social media or urban effects.

The Dulux Academy is open to everyone including hobbyists as well as Decorators. There are other private training academies around, and there is a series of part time general decorating courses at collages. But where the Dulux Academy stands out is their range of low-cost courses that cover very specific areas of decorating.

The Dulux Academy is also CIB registered, so a lot of Professional Decorators qualify for funding to cover the cost of their courses.

The Design Beautiful Spaces Course is all about the science of colour. You not only learn about which colours compliment each other, but you also learn why. It’s perfect for anyone with a flair for Professional Decorators, Interior Designers, or anyone with a flair for design.


My Dulux Academy Design Beautiful Spaces Course Review


I absolutely loved it! Learnt so much and really didn’t want to go home. It was like being back at school at art class! Haha
All joking aside, the new skills I picked up here will help me going forward. I’m a Professional Decorator, so I literally work with colour every day, however, until now, I’ve never felt confidant talking to my customers about colour. That’s now changed! I can’t recommend this course enough!

The Dulux Academy is warm and inviting. Lunch is provided for you, as is as much tea as you can drink. The Design Beautiful Living Spaces Course is very reasonably priced too. You sit down in a close group of like-minded people and get taught everything you need to know by the top colour consultants at Dulux.
This is well worth going to, you cover far more subjects than you think you will. Totally recommend it!
Some photos to show some of what we did 😊👍🏻

 Click here to visit the Dulux Academy website.


Dulux Academy Design Beautiful Spaces Course - Decorator's forum UK

This course helps you understand the impact of colour in a room and the science behind it.

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Editor's Rating:


  • Informative.
  • Inviting.
  • Free food.
  • Very useful as a Decorator.


  • I didn’t want to go home!

Blog written by Lisa Williams – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 5, 2024 | Posted Jun 11, 2019 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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