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Graham and Brown Wallpaper Review

Updated Jun 15, 2023 | Posted Mar 12, 2023 | Product Review, Sundries | 1 comment

Graham and Brown manufacture a vast array of wallpapers, including various other brands like Superfresco and Laura Ashley. As the range is so vast, I can only talk about their wallpaper in general terms. However, the quality from paper to paper is pretty consistent.

As a professional Decorator, I have worked with Graham and Brown a lot over the years. They seem to produce a lot of very good quality wallpapers at a very reasonable price, which is probably why they’re now the leading wallpaper manufacturer in the UK.

I particularly like their non-woven, or ‘paste the wall’ papers. Most of their papers are thick, easy to use, won’t crease, and cut well with an Olfa Knife or Easy Trimmer. You can view their vast range by clicking here.

I think to get a proper idea, we need to look at specific Graham and Brown products, so I asked other professional decorators from a wallpaper forum to show their work and give their honest opinions.  We didn’t get a single negative comment! Below are some examples…


Karl Hancock

Graham & Brown is good stuff. This was non-woven (paste-the-wall), so nice and thick. Like all papers with a metallic or reflective material, you’ve got to be a little careful to avoid creases. However, this particular wallpaper is very forgiving. It cuts well with no snagging, even when overlapping and splicing it is really easy to work with. Wipes off well and easy to keep clean. Another thing to mention is Graham & Brown have a fantastic range of both modern and classic prints, so there is loads for a homeowner to choose from.

Available online here.

Martin Thorne

This wallpaper was so easy to cut that I didn’t snap off one blade with the whole kitchen . A pleasure to Hang and easy to work with. It was also easy to match. I have hung a few Graham and brown papers now and it’s still the best brand to work with to date.

Every client has been really pleased and have had lots of compliments on social media also. Available online here.

Kevin Graham

The wallpaper on this feature wall is Graham & Brown Tartan White. It was great value, good quality, and easy to hang. Probably the best value wallpaper I’ve hung to be honest, given these rolls were not as expensive as the other high-end papers I have hung. Available online here.

Graham and Brown Wallpaper 'Checked Print'
Graham and Brown wallpaper is easy to hang

Matt Tector

This was done using Graham & Brown paste the wall, which was nice thick paper. I enjoyed working with it. It didn’t rip easily, which was very useful when going round the window reveal.

Scott Dowie

28 rolls of Graham and Brown wallpaper hung in this stunning entrance hall, stairs and landing. We had to strip the existing paper, then line.

Absolute joy to work with this paper, despite some interesting angles and features on this job. We would have had a real nightmare with a paper of lesser quality. Available online here.

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Updated Jun 15, 2023 | Posted Mar 12, 2023 | 1 comment

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  1. susan stone

    I have graham and brown super alfresco with a bit of a sheen in the pattern and would now like to paint it, please could you suggest a good paint that will cover the green and orange embossed pattern please


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