Fleetwood Metal Shield Review

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I thought I’d finally take the time to sit down and write a quick Fleetwood Metal Shield review based on my experience using it.

While most of my work as a professional decorator would be classed as “internal domestic jobs” (working inside people’s homes), as soon as Spring arrives every year, my phone starts ringing with customers wanting me to do outside painting jobs for them.

This ranges from wooden windows to fully rendered houses, from garage doors to composite front doors and metal railings, and occasionally more unusual projects.  These types of jobs require specialist knowledge and specific products which are designed to work outside and protect the surfaces from the elements.

One such specialist product is Fleetwood’s Metal Shield paint, which can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and brass, either internally or externally (although I have to say, I usually use it outside).  Here’s my honest review of the product.


Key Facts & Figures

  • Suitable for Interior and Exterior Use
  • Designed to give five-year protection against corrosion and weather damage
  • Pack sizes: 250ml, 1L, 2.5L
  • Finishes: Gloss, satin and matt
  • Colours: Seven ready-mixed colours including white, plus fully tintable range (gloss only)
  • Coverage: up to 8m² per litre
  • Recoatable – 4-6 hours
  • Can be applied straight to ferrous metal, no primer needed
  • Solvent based – clean tools with white spirit

Fleetwood Trade Metal Shield in Use


A lot of these “direct to metal” paints (one in particular – if you’ve used it, you know the one I mean!) have a reputation for having the consistency of tar.  Don’t get me wrong – they do a great job. They’re just not particularly pleasant or easy to work with.  And you can’t thin them to make it easier.

I’d love to say that this is the exception…but it isn’t.  Well, it is less tar-like than many, but it’s still pretty “gloopy”. On the “plus” side though, the opacity is fantastic, and it gives a great finish.  For some reason I always seem to end up using it in black, on everything from brackets for hanging baskets to barn door hinges, and it always looks the business when it’s finished. However, trying to do detailed brush work with something that feels this gloopy is just one of life’s little challenges – it’s worth it in the end!


A Recent Job Using Fleetwood Metal Shield


I recently painted parts of the stand at my local football club (big shout out to the mighty Wokingham Town FC).  Parts of it are constructed from ferrous metal, and it was beginning to look a bit tatty in places (not at all like our Back 4!) – “before” photos below.

Metal which is in desperate need of painting
Metal partly painted with Fleetwood Paints Metal Shield
the paint finish of Fleetwood Metal Shield

Given that I had a much larger area to work on with this project (compared to barn door hinges, for example), I decided to try applying the Fleetwood Metal Shield with a combination of brush and foam mini-roller.  This made the job so much quicker and easier, and as I was careful to ensure no misses or grins, it covered brilliantly.  The “work in progress” photos below are while applying the first coat, and you can see straight away what a difference it has made.


Top Tip When Using Fleetwood Metal Shield


Any Pro Decorators will know this anyway, but for anyone else reading this – don’t work out of the tin when you’re using this (or any other) paint.  If you’re working outside leaves, grass, insects etc will all get blown into your paint tin, you risk knocking it over and spilling the lot. Perhaps most importantly with this type of paint, the solvents will evaporate and you’ll be left with two inches of tar in the bottom of the tin which will be too thick to use.  Decant what you need into a paint kettle or, if you’re using a mini-roller, a suitably sized tray, and then keep the lid on the tin.


Review summary

Fleetwood Metal Shield Review - Decorator's forum UK

A solvent-based metal paint available in several colours and finishes.

Product Brand: Fleetwood Paints

Editor's Rating:


  • Fantastic opacity (in colours – I haven’t tried it in white to be honest) and great finish
  • Can be applied direct to metal without the need for a special primer.
  • Can even be applied to rusty ferrous metals outside.
  • Having a matt finish as well as the ever-popular gloss and satin is great, and popular now.
  • One of those products which is always going to come in handy!


  • Not the easiest to work with (but certainly not the worst either)
  • Not yet widely available in mainland GB

Posted Jul 5, 2024 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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