Fired Earth Paint review- Matt emulsion & Eggshell

by Phill Southam

Fired Earth paint is an environmentally friendly designer paint popular with interior designers, a bit like Farrow & Ball. It’s not the worst paint to use, but I don’t consider it worth the price tag.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Nice looking posh tins
  • Nice rich colour selection
  • Emulsion leaves a nice finish


  • Piss thin (which is kind of a pro as spreads further)
  • Expensive
  • Not the best opacity with the emulsion
  • Full of bits

I recently had a job painting a front room with some shelving units (previously painted) for a customer who supplied the paint. When she showed me she had bought Fired earth I was looking forward to using it as I enjoy trying out different paints. I had heard about it but not seen peoples opinions on how good it was as a paint.

First impressions using the matt emulsion (it was like a sort of magnolia colour) wasn’t great as I opened the tin as there was a thick build up of paint around the rim which I could see falling into my scuttle, which I was then forever picking bits off the wall when rolling. It was definitely the paint as I was using a new scuttle liner and clean brush & roller. Also it was very thin, almost like I had watered it down ready for a mist coat. It was quite nice to use and it left a really nice finish although after the first coat going over a similar colour it was clear that I had to touch up the darker scuffs grinning through on the walls to ensure the second coat covered properly.

The Eggshell had a similar bad first expression as when I opened it, it seemed like it hadn’t been mixed properly when made.

So I gave it a good shake up then when I opened it I thought “this is the wrong colour” as on the colour chart it was meant to be a sort of grey colour

Anyway after I had prepped the built in shelves ready for decorating I applied the first coat. Again, like the emulsion it was really thin, to the consistency you’d thin it for a stage 3 hvlp (proper thin lol) which I had already seen that it doesn’t mention spraying on the tin, just brush & roller. But I guess spraying goes against being environmentally friendly. Other than that it was nice to use and spread miles so used much less than I thought, and it did in fact dry the colour it was supposed to be instead of the light magnolia colour it looked wet.

The next day I returned to do the second coat, the first coat had covered quite well although it was over a similar colour before. When I opened the tin it became apparent that it wasn’t that the tin wasn’t mixed properly when made, the paint had started separating again and had started to ‘unmix’ the same as it was before. The second coat went on well, covered solid and had quite a good finish (levelled out ‘ok’ for a WB)

For £40 for a 2.5L of emulsion and £60 for a 2.5L of Eggshell I think it is far overpriced for a paint of retail standard but is twice the price of a trade paint. 

Phill Southam

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