Dulux Diamond Satinwood Review

Mike Cupit


Unlike the older Quick Dry formula, Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood is a fully waterbased system, meaning it will never yellow or discolor. There has been a lot of excitement on the Decorators Forum about this product, so I thought it was time I gave my own Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood review.


The Key Benefits of Diamond Satinwood

As already mentioned, the Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood is fully waterbased. Unlike a lot of other similar products, Diamond satinwood has a bit of body to it, meaning you can actually cut in a straight edge. It feels close to an oil to use, which is a massive plus point.  Diamond Satinwood is also “self-undercoating”, meaning you can go over primed timber, or timber previously painted with an oi-based paint, without an additional adhesion primer. Opacity of this product is great too! Oh, and it sprays really nicely!


The Downside of Diamond Satinwood

The biggest downside of Dulux Diamond Satinwood is the ninja runs! If you’re used to using waterbased products, you’ll understand what I mean by that. The opacity of waterbased is never going to be as good as oil, so you compensate by applying generous coats. You then have to return to catch the sags and runs before they dry. Well with this you need to return a couple of times and you still miss the odd one!


The other downside is the recoat time. One of the benefits of using waterbased is you can apply more than one coat of the product in a day. Well the recoat time for Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood is 6 hours, which almost eliminates that benefit. It’s a shame really.


So, Do I Like Dulux Diamond Satinwood?

The answer is yes, I do like the Diamond Satinwood. There are different issues associated with any waterbased trim product. I find the overall finish and ease of application of this product to more than make up for it’s two negative points.


Tips for Applying Diamond Satinwood

Waterbased trim paints take a little bit of getting used to, and Diamond Satinwood is no different. As long as you adjust your application method, you’ll be fine.

First of all, keep your brush wet. Have a pot of water close by and give your brush a spin out every now and again to prevent the paint from drying and misshaping.

Another tip is to wipe your woodwork with a damp cloth just before you paint it. This will help your paint flow and keep a wet edge.

Lastly, paint a surface, then take your tape up before your paint has cured. This will prevent chips


And that was my review of Dulux Diamond Satinwood. I hope you found it useful. For more information, Click here