Dulux Trade Colour Sensor Review

by Rob Greenwood

This is my Dulux Trade Colour Sensor review and it is a phenomenal bit of kit for anyone interested in gadgets and colour. Although the concept is not new, nor is the technology, Dulux have somewhat refined the design and app. If you want any more information click here

The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor is a brilliant gadget that every decorator, interior designer or graphic designer needs in their life right now. This fantastic bit of kit allows decorators to match the colour of practically anything, anywhere with a recognizable Dulux colour code.


  • Size
  • Easy to navigate app
  • Connecting the device is a doddle
  • the visualizer
  • wow its fast!


  • The cost
  • There’s no case or lens protector
  • Can’t share collections
  • Limited to Dulux colours
  • Not 100% accurate

Being a decorator usually involves having an eye for detail, colour and design. I’ve found myself in restaurants and bars admiring colour schemes from the décor and menus. This device allows me to take those colours home with me.

There are cheaper versions on the market, although the Dulux Trade Sensor is a great, professional looking way to start. I was surprised to find there is no carry case for the Sensor, considering its size and shape I would suggest you find one as soon as possible. When you find that perfect colour to show to a client it’s a shame you can’t ‘share’ your collections within the app. There are thousands of Dulux colours to choose from however it isn’t 100% accurate, perhaps opening the system to RAL numbers and such could increase the accuracy, this would make the product perfect.

Its amazing what this device can do for its size and weight, smaller than the palm of your hand and much lighter than most phones this gadget really does look the part, and the ability to reduce a full fan deck down to the size of a ping pong ball.

The app is really user friendly; everything is explained with a super easy tutorial that works alongside the app when first getting to grips with it.

A really clever function on the app, unused by its competitors is the visualizer. This part of the app is brilliant for showing potential customers and colleagues what projects could look like.

In conclusion, I think the Dulux Colour Sensor, with corresponding app, are a huge leap forward for Dulux. The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor is an innovative product aimed at professionals in the trade but has been developed in a way to be accessible to anyone with a smart phone. The stylish and simplistic view portrays a professional image, saving time with clients and developing your company.

I’d likes to say thank you personally to Dulux for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing product.

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