Dulux Diamond Satinwood Vs Johnstone’s Aqua Guard

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Plenty has been said over the last few years about lots of different water-based satinwood products, but I hadn’t tested Dulux Diamond Satin until now.

So I got stuck in, and tested the Dulux Diamond Satinwood Vs Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Satin, as Aqua Guard is the one that comes out on top in all the other tests I have done.

To test the opacity, I painted 2 coats of Aqua Guard Satin onto the left side of grey board and then put 2 coats of Dulux Diamond Satin on the other side. The Aqua Guard covers no problem, even without the undercoat, but the coverage of the Dulux Diamond is extremely poor, so poor that even a third coat wouldn’t cover it.

Apart from the coverage on the application of the Dulux Diamond Satin, which leaves a lot to be desired, it is also very hard to work in by brush. It even splayed the bristles, and yet the same brush had no problems in Johnstone’s Aqua Guard.

the opacity of Dulux Diamond Satinwood Vs Johnstone’s Aqua Guard
is Dulux Diamond Satinwood better than Johnstone’s Aqua Guard?
which is the most durable water-based satinwood

I did this test in an apartment with the heating set to 18°. I have seen Phil Beckwith’s review on YouTube, and he said that the application problems he experienced with Dulux Diamond Satinwood might have been to do with the heat as it was a hot day when he applied it. Not so, it’s as bad in a reasonable temperature. Another downside to the Dulux Diamond is the recoat time of 6 hours, which is too long for a water based product.

Finally, we came to the durability test and though the Dulux Diamond Satin can’t match the Aqua Guard Satin, it’s as good as anything else I have tested for durability. It’s better than the likes of Scuff X.

Overall, the Dulux Diamond Satin is very poor for application and opacity but scores well for durability.

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Click here for more info on Dulux Diamond Satinwood.

Dulux Diamond Satinwood Vs Johnstone’s Aqua Guard – by Chris Green

Posted Apr 29, 2023 | 0 comments

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