Crown Trade PX4 Primer Review

Crown Trade PX4 Primer Review

By Daniel Wilson


Crown Trade PX4 (Water-based) Is a High-performance all-purpose primer, specifically developed to achieve excellent adhesion, even on tricky surfaces.

PX4 is a water-based, stain-blocking primer that offers protection from alkaline attack. PX4 also features the added advantage of a quick drying and low-odour finish. Advanced all-purpose primer Excellent adhesion Blocks stubborn stains Resists alkaline attack Water-based, quick drying formulation

Recoatable Time:1 Hour Pack Size:1L, 5L Touch Dry:30 minutes Application: I have used in the past Tikkurila Otex Akva and Caparol Half Primer. Both are very good as an adhesion primer but unfortunately not available on my doorstep. They also do not have any water stain blocking properties. So, I was very keen to try out the new Crown PX4.

I did test it on a water stain on a ceiling and although at first, I thought it hadn’t covered the stain, after emulsion was applied the stain did not penetrate through. I also used PX4 on High glossed interior doors and trim. Opacity was as equal as the other named brands and its adhesion was superb.

Cost: These prices are from the shelf as I thought that would be only fair to compare as its almost identical to Zinsser 123 plus. As we don’t get discount in most retail outlets. PX4 1 litre £20.68, 5 litre £79.99. The Zinnser123 + 1 litre is £20.20. 2.5 litre is £40.75. 5 litre (2 x 2.5 litre) £81.50

Pros: Interior & Exterior, Recoatable in 1 hour, blocks stubborn stains, Excellent adhesion. Rivals: Zinnser 123 plus, Otex Akva, Half primer.

Summary: Great to see our local suppliers joining our demands for a water-based adhesion primer. More customers are demanding water-based paints nowadays and although the big 3 all sell water-based paints buy only crown have brought out a water based adhesion primer.

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Crown Trade PX4 Primer