Catchphrases Used By Professional Decorators

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We asked a million decorators from some Forum what their catchphrases at work are….. Most of them just ignored us, but the rest are listed below. We hope you enjoy this. Personally, we found it painful.

We straighten that up on the second coat !

Let the water do the work.

Can’t see it from my house!

Put some “go faster” in it.

Give it a tickle.

Donald Mclachlan

God I’m a good decorator!

John Kerry

If it don’t move, paint it!

Michael O'Connor

Well what do we know, we’re only decorators !!

Mozza Morrison


” Is it home time yet ” at 8am every morning

John Chaundy

A blind man would be pleased to see it!

Jamie Bennett

Well done, you passed the observation test!

Peter Cullen

Get it in the snagging


Catchphrases Used By Professional Decorators

Craig MacKinnon

Just hit it

Brian Hamilton

Sorry that’s extra

Stephen Warr

It’s a paint brush not a wand mate!

James Watson

Fill up and GO

Dave Miller

Wish I’d listened more at school

Ian Evans

I’ve broke the back of it now.

Jay Harris

Paul will I fill that.. “na flood it”

Paul Mclellan

Ray Charles would be happy to see it

Patrick Williams

Just splash it on

Jason Taylor

I’m off

Ian Kendall

Hallelujah that’ll do ya!

John Murray

You build it, we make it look good

Aiden Bradley

I’ll paint the whole upstairs on the snag

Michael Mckenna

Just get it done

Steven Goldsmith

That will be dry back in 10 minutes

Danny Gawler

Get the hair dryer out I’m not waiting for filler to dry

Jamie Miles

Is it having a Mexicans jacket?..

Oliver Martin Bowes

I’m a decorator not a restaurateur

Steven Cox

Give it half hour

Terry Anderson

It’s dry enough

Bill White

Nike it !!! / just do it

Ben Slater

Let’s go for a business meeting (meaning let’s go to the cafe)

Sam Taylor

Try your best, caulk the rest

Wayne Bacon

Just going to my office to do some paperwork (code for just going to the van to read the paper)

Mark James Partington

Polishing tu£d

Donna Ridge

That’ll go in one.

Mike Williams

Done well today, get yourself off (at 8am)

Lee Wilkinson

No double decker buses round here

Jon Fish

Looks good to a blind man

Brian Cunningham

Just ruddy caulk it!!

Matt Murphy

Looks all white

Colin Hamilton

lovely when I’m done!

Peter Grey Look

There we r then my fault again

Dameon Astley

Just needs a quick tickle

Gavin Sutcliffe

It’ll do till the professionals come

Thom King

Mines ‘ That’ll f#(k it, dooo’

Donal Campbell

Job and knock

Steve Boiler Rowley

Just bang it on

David Fortnam

No such thing as one coat paint.

Paul M Chapman

I thought you said no prep

William L Junior

It’s meant to look like that luv

Mark Barton

It looks fine from over here.

Steve Palmer

The money ain’t on the job

Sam Rogers

All comes together in the end!

Callum Taylor

You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter

Tom Goodman

Splash N Dash

Andy Taylor Nathan Bone

Comes with a 2 yard guarantee

Nathan Bone & Andy Tayler

If in doubt, get the BIN out

Royston Clemson

You’ve missed a bit.

Craig Millward

Ah sure It looks better than it used too

Ciaran MacEochaidh

Slap it on

Harry Clarke

If it don’t, move paint it !!!!!!!!

Shane Mcintosh

Is it higher than an eight

Michael Boyes

Hallelujah that’ll do ya

Joel King

We’ve got a lot to do with very little time to do it in

Danny Booth

Well get that on the snagging

Mick Sawdon

Put the wardrobe there

Fraser Thompson

A blind man would be pleased to see it

Matt Smith

Not my circus not my monkeys

Donald O'Mahoney

I’m a painter not a magician

Tom Lockwood

Mines is not to reason why mines is to put it on and let it dry

Mike Keyes

I will sort it

Lee Jones

Wrap up beer O’clock time

Rob Saxon

Stuff it with f#[k it.

Jim Kerr

“It is what it is “

Sam Hopkins

Extra extra read all about it

Owen Tierney

That will Donkey ‘ that will do!!

Peter Whiter

Can’t see it from my house

Mike Gregory

That colours only a baw hair away

John Nevin

I’m a makeup artist not a plastic surgeon, normally to builders

Lee Cotterill

It’s a paintbrush, not a wand

Mike Cupit

It’ll get done….living the dream

Tim Martin

It won’t look any better with 2 coats

Les Barber

Milk & 2 sugars please

Paul Mitchell

Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear ..

Jeremy Taylor

How the heck have I cut that wallpaper short…..

Jay Farnworth

Is that all I got

Terry Mcguiness

I’ll do that bit tomorrow

Matt Anderson

That’s the light.


Catchphrases Used By Professional Decorators

Luke Roberts

Updated Feb 18, 2024 | Posted Jan 15, 2019 | 6 comments


  1. Alison Withers

    I’m a Decorator not a F*****g magician

  2. Alison Withers

    Pay peanuts you get monkeys

    • Sean Donelan

      The men in white will put it right!

  3. Gordon Rae

    It’ll look great once it bleeches out!

  4. Pete Clark

    These sayings really did make me laugh. theres some class ones there

  5. Tony Taylor

    The men in white will put it right.


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