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Best Wallpaper Scissors on the Market

Posted Oct 3, 2022 | Featured industry news, Products | 0 comments

Axus decorating scissors have been named “the best wallpaper scissors on the market” in a recent poll carried out by the Decorators Forum UK. 124 professional decorators took part, with 68% of them choosing Axus over all others.

These professional wallpaper shears feature a precision ground, ultra-sharp blade. Made from high quality, Japanese stainless steel. They will not rust and will last for years.

Axus wallpaper scissors come in two separate sizes, both of which are robust and razor sharp! They will cut even the most delicate wallpaper right to the tip of the shears. This feature means there is no chance of you ripping the paper. You can buy these scissors online, or visit for more information.


Let’s See What Decorators Had to Say About Axus Wallpaper Scissors

I love the Axus wallpaper scissors. I have them in both sizes and both are useful.

Sarah Clark

Excellent pair of papering shears!

These are the best wallpaper scissors on the market, nicely weighted for accuracy with comfortable ergonomic hand grip.

The razor-sharp cutting edge makes working with heavy wallpapers a dream.

Mine have been in use for over 5 years and are still rust free.

If being stored for longer than a week between uses, its best to oil them up to keep them perfect.

Rich Radford


I’ve got 2 pairs, small and a large

Great shears! They cut all the way to the point and the small ones are very handy. I personally love them.

Plus, the price was a snip😁

Dean O'Hara

I’ve had mine for about 5 years, maybe longer, and they are just as sharp as they were when new. They cut everything straight every time! The only negative is they are heavy and clunky.

Chris Gray

They do feel a bit on the heavy side to begin with, but you soon get used to them. I have both sizes and love both pairs! Just remember to be careful when cleaning them or they will take your fingers off!

Campbell Ross - Best wallpaper scissors

They are heavy, but I think that’s good. It helps you take care a bit more before snipping. Otherwise really good.

Alex Tipling-bower

Nice and sharp and I don’t mind the weight as they feel quality, match made in heaven with my olfa snap offs

Lee Scaife

Best shears ever made! I love the handle grip and how the stay so sharp lot longer than anything else.

Brian Quail


Dulux Academy team highly recommend them – in fact they’re in the Dulux Academy recommended range available in DDCs!

Vickie Mather

Wee bit on the heavy side compared to others, but are very sharp and if looked after between use, they represent good value for money. I haven’t tried the smaller ones as yet but they are on my list to try and hopefully they will sit better in my shorts pocket !

Warren Webster - Best wallpaper scissors

Posted Oct 3, 2022 | 0 comments

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