Benjamin Moore Scuff x Vs WRX

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I was given some WRX satinwood to try out by the Decorators Forum UK and asked to compare it to Scuff X, which is what I would normally use. I thought this was a bold, or strange request, as Benjamin Moore Scuff X is regarded as the very best water-based satinwood on the market. As far as I was concerned, nothing would ever come close.


How Does WRX Compare to Benjamin Moore Scuff X?


I opened the WRX satinwood tin for the first time, and my first impressions were it seemed a little thin and had a smell like acrylic undercoat. I was going straight onto prepped old architraves which had been previously coated with oil-based gloss and new paneled pre-primed doors in a rental property. I was told by Mike Cupit that even though WRX is fully water-based, it would stick to old oil without the need for an additional adhesion primer. Again, this is a bold claim!!

I loved using the WRX! It seemed to brush out even easier than scuff x (if that’s possible), and slightly quicker. I tested the adhesion after an hour and it was stuck solid!! No way could I scrape the satin off, even though I was using it over the top of old oil-based. It hardly even marked where I had scratched, meaning it is scuff resistant and durable!!

The arcs weren’t very yeallow to begin with and the WRX satinwood easily covered them in one coat (this was my own house). The doors had two coats and looked amazing, if it was in someone’s house I would of given them a third but they were more than acceptable for what was required.

The best thing about this product is how white it is. WRX satinwood is a pure, sharp brilliant white which absolutely looks spectacular. This really is an awesome product!

Upon drying it didn’t quite settle down like scuff x does and is slightly more noticeable with brush marks, although I did go on neat so some water perhaps would have helped. All in all, a solid choice for water-based satin users that don’t want the expense of scuff x.


Final Thoughts


For me, Benjamin Moore scuff X is still the best water-based satinwood on the market, but I was gobsmacked at how close WRX was to its quality. There is a gulf in price between the two products, with Scuff X costing around four times as much as WRX. I’d happily switch to WRX as a cheaper alternative for certain jobs. It flows well and looks fantastic.

You can buy WRX satinwood online. Click here to see current prices.

The Decorating Centre is the best place I have found to buy Benjamin Moore online. Click here to see current prices.

Updated May 29, 2024 | Posted Apr 14, 2021 | 3 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.


  1. Simon Young

    Fantastic review. Well written and informative.

  2. Des

    Great review ,we now use lots of Scuff x but even with 20% off it’s too expensive to use on most jobs

  3. Richard

    Wrx great gear for the money.

    It’s better than the mainstream brands lot quicker to use , plus dries quick

    Streets ahead of Dulux diamond range and £25 a tin cheaper.

    eBay store has multi buys on it it’s cheaper than Amstead QD satin etc.

    Surprised Independent chains like Paintwell don’t stock it.


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