Bedec Multi Surface Paint Review

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MSP (Multi-Surface Paint) is probably Bedec’s best-known product. It’s been around for as long as I can remember, and as its name suggests, can be used on just about any surface without the need (in most cases) for a separate primer or undercoat. It’s the classic “Why take two bottles into the shower”?” product, for those of you with enough hair or memory to remember Wash & Go adverts from the 1990s!

Bedec MSP is widely available from most decorators’ merchants or online here. It’s available in matt, “soft satin” and “soft gloss” finishes in a range of colours (pre-mixed, I don’t think it can be tinted, but I could be wrong), in 250ml, 750ml, 2.5L and 5L sizes, although not all colours are available in all sizes.

Bedec describe their Multi Surface Paint as “water-based paint that resists flaking or peeling because of its outstanding flexibility. It will go over most other paints and varnishes … and … can be used directly onto plastic, wood, metal (including radiators), plastic coated steel, cladding, brick, masonry, fibreglass, terracotta, stone, plaster, MDF, tiles, melamine, plastics, UPVC, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper and much much more!”


So basically you can paint MSP straight onto almost any surface without the need for a separate primer; the exception is apparently steel, in which case they recommend a coat of their metal primer first, or anything where staining is a possibility, in which case they recommend a coat of their stain block primer first. Click here to see current prices.


Bedec MSP – Why Everyone Loves It


  • Bedec Multi-Surface Paint is a really popular product, as it has a lot going for it:
  • In most cases, no separate primer or undercoat is needed (which saves time and money)
  • It’s water-based, so more environmentally friendly, quicker drying (re-coat after 4 hours typically), less smelly, and it’s easier to clean up your tools
  • It can be used inside or out
  • It’s heat resistant up to 80° apparently, so suitable for use on radiators
  • Can be used over the top of most existing paint coatings
  • When it’s fully cured, it dries rock hard, sticks like glue to most surfaces, and being flexible it doesn’t flake, crack or chip easily
  • So there’s a lot to like about this product!


Bedec MSP – My Personal Reservations


For all the reasons listed above, a lot of decorators love Multi Surface Paint.  My brain tells me I should love MSP too, because it’s such a great problem-solution idea – a grip primer and top-coat in one. And don’t get me wrong, it works, it’s never let me down.  But I struggle to love this product as much as I should for two reasons:

The finish.  To be fair, I’ve never tried the matt, so I won’t comment on that. But the “soft satin” and “soft gloss” – they just somehow feel a bit “plasticky” to me, and the gloss isn’t a “real” gloss, it’s more of a shinier-than-average satin in my opinion. 


And because it dries so quickly the working time can be very short, meaning the finish can be prone to brush marks if you’re not both careful and speedy with your laying-off.

The drying time, or to be more accurate, the curing time. MSP is touch dry in a couple of hours normally (sometimes a lot less depending on the substrate and the conditions), and re-coatable after 4, which is fine.  But it isn’t fully hardened until a month after application. I have no problem asking my customers not to close doors overnight while the paint’s drying, but asking them to leave things untouched for a month seems a bit excessive.

In fairness to Bedec, they’re up-front about it on the tin and the technical spec, but still. I remember painting a bedframe with MSP once, and explained to the householder about leaving it alone for a month. Poor chap slept on a mattress on the floor for two weeks and then got fed up, dragged the mattress up onto the bed and scuffed some of the paint off along the edge. Fortunately, you can get away with touching up MSP Satin (I haven’t tried the gloss in this respect), but be aware of the very long curing time when you’re choosing this product for a job.

But I guess that’s all I’m saying – be aware that it will take a long time to fully cure, and be aware that it can dry faster than you might expect, so you’ll have to lay it off sharpish to avoid brush marks. And don’t expect a “full gloss” finish from the “soft gloss” product (and again, in fairness, Bedec never claim that it’s a full-sheen gloss finish). But if you bear those minor “gripes” in mind, this sticks to anything and (eventually) dries rock hard, so for all the reasons listed above, this is a great little “problem-solution” product. Click here for more info, and to see current prices.




Can you paint over Bedec Multi Surface Paint?

Yes, you can paint over Bedec Multi Surface paint after around 4 hours with just about any paint product. As MSP is water-based, adhesion between Multi Surface Paint and additional products is rarely an issue.


How do you apply Bedec Multi Surface Paint?

You can use a brush, roller, or airless sprayer to apply this paint. If you are painting in hot conditions, then you should try to keep your painting tools wet when using them. This will stop the paint from clogging.


Is Bedec Multi Surface Paint waterproof?

Bedec Multi Surface Paint has been developed for exterior use, so it’s not only waterproof, but it’s also flexible and will cope with UV radiation.


Does multi surface paint need primer?

One of the benefits of using a multi surface paint is that it doesn’t need a primer in most circumstances. Adhesion to previously painted or bare surfaces is fantastic. However, I still like to use a primer when painting bare wood or uPVC. You will also need to block knots before applying MSP.

Robin Gofton – Wokingham Decorating Services

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