Axus Paintbrush Review – A Great Value Brush

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Axus Tools have been available in the UK for many years now. Their range has, and is, growing rapidly. From fillers to wallpaper blades, and scissors. They all seem to be price competitive, and high quality. I thought I’d take the time to write a quick Axus paintbrush review. I hope you find it useful.


Axus Blue Paintbrush


You can buy a box of 4 Axus Blue paintbrushes online for around £15, which makes them great value for money. It’s a great brush for its price bracket. This is a multi-purpose paintbrush which can be used in both emulsion and oil-based paints. it consists of a comfortable wooden handle, stainless steel ferrule, and synthetic bristles.

The Axus Blue s a good amount of paint, and you can lay everything off nicely. You can wash this paintbrush out easily too, and they last well for a cheap brush. You can get a few bristles coming loose which is a real pain. All in all, I’m quite impressed. Click here to see online prices.


Dark Mage Brush (Onyx)


These are slightly different. The Onyx are a limited edition oval paintbrush by Axus. They’re the same sort of price as the Axus blue and are available online by clicking here. These too are a great paintbrush for the price bracket.

I’d normally go for Purdy, but I’d say these are a great alternative. The Onyx is quite stiff, but still easy enough to use. I’ve tried it in acrylic eggshell and it performed brilliantly!!


Final Thoughts


The two paintbrushes named in this review are a fraction of the price of Purdy, which still seems to be the most popular brush amongst decorators. In fact, you can buy a whole set of Axus brushes cheaper than you can 1 Purdy.

Although they’re cheap, the quality seems bang on. I’d genuinely recommend either of the above brushes.

Click here to see a full list of Axus Tools.

Axus Paintbrush Review – by Steven Nash

Updated Apr 28, 2023 | Posted Apr 19, 2021 | 2 comments

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  1. stephen gale

    just asking the forum about the use of Matt paint?
    i have been using leyland contract Matt paint(white).
    no sooner have I rolled into the walls/ceiling, it is drying very quick which means i need to get the next roll of paint on ASAP, does anyone use an additive to stop the paint from drying quicker than it should to give me more playtime with it?



  2. daniel ward

    Hi Ste, try Floetrol. I have never tried it but here it’s good. I am going to buy some to paint some doors in water-based gloss


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