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Updated Jul 12, 2022 | Posted Mar 6, 2022 | Product Reviews | 8 comments

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Arthouse wallpaper seems to get a bad press when it comes to overall quality and how easy it is to hang. We wanted to know what professional decorators think of the brand, so we asked some on a well known decorating forum to give us their honest Arthouse Wallpaper reviews. This is what they came back with…

I try to avoid Arthouse wallpaper at all costs, but it’s everywhere nowadays. It reminds me a little bit of Laura Ashely, in that it looks stylish, but it’s horrendous quality.

You do get some Arthouse papers which aren’t too bad, but the pulp papers are a nightmare. They rip, crease, tear, and mark just because you look at them. You can’t even wipe Arthouse paper down because you take the print off. There are much better wallpapers on the market.

If you must use Arthouse wallpaper, the trick is to not over-work it and don’t let it soak too long. Use a good quality paste too.

Mike Gregory

Horrendous. I hung 5 rolls of Arthouse last year. Pattern match was out, awful to work with and it had 50% peeled off within 72 hours.

I contacted Arthouse and after a few emails back-and-forths, they refunded the customer the cost of the paper, and reimbursed me for a days pay.

Matt Willis


It’s funny, I see decorators slating Arthouse wallpaper all the time, but not all of it is bad. Some of the paste-the-wall stuff is fantastic. Arthouse just have a gulf in quality between their pulp paper and their non-woven

Nick Fletcher

I hung Arthouse wallpaper a few weeks ago. I never moan about wallpaper, but I would rather hang I LOVE WALLPAPER. I found it difficult to hang and very poor quality.

Phil Callighan

I’d say it was hit and miss. I’ve hung an arthouse paper which went up beautifully, but usually it’s terrible stuff. The quality just isn’t there

David Bettis


I have just finished a hall, stairs and landing with Arthouse wallpaper and found it really hard work. It looks ok until it’s pasted, then you daren’t let it soak no matter what, within minutes it won’t trim just shreds!

The butt joints looked ok, mainly due to being a stripe, but apart from that it was awful & never want to have to use it again. In fact, if customers show me they have chosen Arthouse, I’d sooner walk.

James Tull Goodwin

I refuse to hang Arthouse wallpaper for my customers now. It isn’t fair on them more than anything. They’re paying out for a professional decorator to come into their homes, so they deserve to be left with a quality finish. I can’t always provide that when they supply sub-standard wallpaper.

Although I echo what other decorators say in that it isn’t all bad. Sometimes you’re lucky with Arthouse, but a lot of the time you’re not. I can’t see the point in risking it.

John Sims

Some of their non-woven papers are really nice. They feel thick to touch and don’t rip when you’re using them. Then sometimes you get an Arthouse wallpaper that’s like tissue paper!! It creases and marks when you touch it. You can’t over-work the paper either.

Tom James

Updated Jul 12, 2022 | Posted Mar 6, 2022 | 8 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.


  1. Jessica

    Probably the worst brand of paper I have hung in 13 years. The pattern doesn’t align, the edges curl and you’re constantly having to go back to roller the seams. Not to mention how easily it marks as you go to trim the edges. Nightmare.

  2. richard

    Arthouse as a rule pretty poor , the non woven ones better but stay well clear of the cheaper ones. Perhaps if have to stick to ready mix decent paste since lower water content means less shrinkage..
    Its the new Laura Ashley !!
    Tell your customer its poor quality and refuse to hang, why give yourself any

  3. Howard Simpson

    We have never used Arthouse paper before and based on the difficulties with matching up and how stretchy it became when pasted we won’t be using it again.

    • Modec Services

      Hung 6 rolls of the foil slate champagne today, what a nightmare worste paper I’ve ever had to put up…. stretches edges curl up rips so easily I will never hang arthouse ever again…

  4. Paul Kenny

    Currently hanging an Arthouse design on a FSC mix paper. It’s paste the paper but is still expanding at differing rates after almost an hour. I’m 32 yes in and this is easily one of the worse papers I’ve attempted to hang. Never again Arthouse

  5. Mrs Ramsay

    We had arthouse check wallpaper put up in our bedroom. We had to take it off again after a week, the smell from it was unbearable. It was a nasty chemical smell

  6. Lisa KELK

    I’ve been paper hanging for over 30 years its horrendous

  7. M. Brannigan

    Not a professional decorator but have been wallpapering for over 40 years and never had such problems as with this Arthouse paper. Used Solvite paste mixed to specifications, pasted paper and timed as per instructions on the roll. Paper was too dry to stick to wall so tried different solutions I.e. re-pasted, leave to soak for less time and none made any difference. Paper stuck fast to wall making it difficult to slide towards the match. Once it was on for a few hours it contracted badly and, being the HERITAGE STAG CHARCOAL/COPPER design, left a white line between every strip of paper. Next morning it had come away completely at the edges. Have just ripped the whole lot off and will be contacting Arthouse or the retailer for a full refund.


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