Armstead Pliolite Masonry Paint Review

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Armstead are manufactured by Akzo Nobel, who also manufacture all Dulux and Sikkens products. Armstead are Akzo Nobel’s budget trade brad, whereas Dulux Trade are their premium brand. This can be a bit confusing as a lot of the Armstead products are actually better than their Dulux counterparts.

Both brands are normally sold side by side. I did a full comparison blog on Armstead Vs Dulux which may be worth checking out. I digress, I’m here to do an Armstead pliolite masonry paint review, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Armstead pliolite masonry paint is available in white, or a range of thousands of tinted colours. You can’t really have Dulux colours accurately mixed into Armstead pliolite, so make sure you choose from the Armstead card. Touch dry in around 2 hours, recoat in 12, you should expect to pay around £40 for 5L of this oil-based product. This puts it slightly cheaper than Johnstone’s and Sandtex pliolite alternatives.


My Armstead Pliolite Masonry Paint Review


Right, let’s get into my opinion as a decorator; there are better products out there!! Armstead used to be a great cheap alternative to Dulux, so you didn’t mind a drop off in quality on some products, but this isn’t much cheaper than Johnstone’s Stormshield, which is PPG’s premium brand!! It is roughly the same price as the Wethertex PP77, which is a million times better.

Opacity is ok, but it is with any pliolite masonry paint. Ease of use is ok too and you do get “15 years protection”. I have two major issues with this paint; You can’t have it mixed into any Dulux colours, so it isn’t really an alternative to the premium products, and it doesn’t block stains!! Pliolite is a synthetic polymer oil which should block absolutely everything!!

I live in an area with a lot of sandstone windowsills which can hold moisture. You can’t use water-based masonry paint on old sandstone sills as you can have stains bleeding through, so you opt for pliolite… Well, any pliolite except Armstead, as Armstead is useless. You still get the same issues with stains coming through, pathetic!! There’s no other reason to go for this pliolite, which makes Armstead a little bit pointless in my opinion.




Maybe I am being a little bit harsh and there are other reasons you choose Armstead pliolite masonry paint. It does give a nice finish and you can use pliolite in low temperatures. All I can do is compare it to other pliolite masonry paints in the same price bracket and I’m sorry, but I don’t rate Armstead.


Akzo Nobel used to do an alternative called Dulux All-Seasons which WAS awesome, but expensive. However, in their infinite wisdom they discontinued the All-Seasons, so now if you need a pliolite based masonry paint in a Dulux colour, you have to go to your closest Johnstone’s Decorating Centre and ask them to match it for you, mental!

You can buy Armstead Pliolite Based Masonry paint from any Dulux Decorating Centre, but unless you’re entitled to a trade discount, it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy this product online by clicking here.

Best Tools to Apply Pliolite-Based Masonry Paint


Using pliolite based masonry paint isn’t like applying matt emulsion. It’s a very sticky paint product and you’ll really struggle unless you use the correct tools for the job. To that end, I thought I’d put forward my recommendations.

A relatively stiff paintbrush will make life easier. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on brushes either, because they’re likely to get wrecked. My suggestion is Hamilton for the Trade. They’re reasonably priced and will do everything you need them to. Available online here.

As for paint rollers, there are two you should consider, depending on what you’re paining. If your wall has a heavy texture, then the Axus Captain Chunk is by far the best option for pliolite masonry paint. It is expensive, but believe me when I tell you, it really will be a lifesaver. Available online here.

If your wall isn’t too textured, then Hamilton Perfection Long Pile roller will be fine. You’ll find distribution bang on. Available online by clicking here.

Armstead Pliolite Masonry Paint Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Apr 25, 2023 | Posted Oct 16, 2021 | 1 comment

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    If needed a cheaper oil based masonry any Dulux colour Johnstones centre would even closely match in Leyland oil based.


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