WorkTall Boots Review – Decorating Stilts

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I don’t normally review products for the Decorators Forum UK myself, however I weas sent a pair of these WorkTall boots to try out. They look like yet another decorating gimmick!! The sort of thing you’d see on a DIY page, so I was dubious about the review.

You can buy WorkTall boots online for around £60, so they’re not cheap. The idea is you can use them as decorating stilts to save you lugging a pair of steps or a create around. They’re quite chunky and come with an anti-slip seal at the base, as well as sturdy straps. These features make them safe and sturdy. Providing there are no obstacles in a room, you will not have any safety issues when using these stilts.

They work too!! I’ve used mine solidly for 2 weeks and find myself opting to use them over steps. I find the WorkTall boots so easy to use. Everything from putting them on, to working with them and taking them off again. It’s like having leg extensions!! I even lined a ceiling wile using them this week and found them perfect. I know they look a bit daft, but they’re genuinely a handy bit of kit.


I didn’t pay for my pair of work tall boots, but in my mind, they are worth the money. For me, I always try and calculate how long it would take me for the time saved in labour to make the payment worthwhile. At £55, I need to save just over 2 hours labour before they’ve paid for themselves. I’ve easily done that already!!

If I didn’t have them this week, I would have been messing around in a tight room with two pairs of steps and planks to paper a ceiling. Not an easy task, especially while the room still had furniture in it!! These WorkTall boots where an absolute godsend!! Besides which, they only cost around the same as a pair of steps.


Final Thoughts


You can see a proper review in the video below, but I really like these boots. I just hope decorators don’t dismiss them because of how they look. I think we’re bombarded with gimmicks in the industry, so genuinely good products are occasionally dismissed before we’ve given them a go. These WorkTall boots are safe and save you a lot of time.


WorkTall Boots Review – Decorating Stilts – by Mike Cupit

So, I won these boots on the Decorators Forum UK and I’ve just tried them out.. I figured I’d share my honest WorkTall Boots review with everyone.

For a start they fit my size 12 feet which is a bonus!! They are a lot sturdier than I imagined and a great height for cutting in a standard room (I’m 6ft)

They didn’t take much getting used to, but I found I had to be always aware of my footing. It says on the instructions ‘you are not a robot so don’t walk like one’. To be fair it’s hard not to! Little side steps around the room worked well for me……also I didn’t like the fact that they assumed I wasn’t a robot!!! You can’t say those things anymore 😉

I’m currently working in an empty rental property and flew round the 3 bedrooms and landing upstairs, they definitely saved me time and quite enjoying using them.

At one point I lost my balance and sh*t myself….it was my own fault though as I tried to pick up a 10litre tub and fill another with them still on 😆

If you did have a wobble, I think it could be quite dangerous and end up with a nasty ankle injury (already broke my ankle once so I’m over cautious)

If you are steady and always aware of your surroundings you should be fine!

In conclusion, as a more domestic decorator I’m not sure I would be using my WorkTall Boots all the time unless it was a totally empty room I was working in.

I think for site painters these would be an absolute game changer!! If I was still on sites these would be used constantly.

Yeah, good bit of kit! Just be prepared for people to laugh at you while you are walking about like a cross between Robocop and Frankenstein 😆

Thanks to Mike Cupit and WorkTall Boots for the competition, the speedy delivery and great communication 👏


WorkTall Boots Review – Decorating Stilts

Dean Garman

Updated Jan 28, 2024 | Posted Aug 20, 2021 | 7 comments

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  1. Brian

    Very nice to hear from you Very good to talk on them

    • Mark salter

      I’ve got to be honest , I’m amazed these are allowed to be sold in uk , one little trip on a dust sheet etc , your ankle is going

      • Mike Cupit

        They’re not too bad at all. Nowhere near as dodgy as the taller plasterers’ stilts

    • Paul

      What height are they

  2. Christopher Barlow

    Can you buy them in shops yet

  3. David moloney

    Hi there would ye post to Ireland

  4. Marguerite Ladkin

    Is Walk Tall a company. Ordered these boots but no confirmation and their website looks well dodgy?


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