work tall boots review - decorating stilts

WorkTall Boots Review – Decorating Stilts

By Mike Cupit


I don’t normally review products for the Decorators Forum UK myself, however I weas sent a pair of these WorkTall boots to try out. They look like yet another decorating gimmick!! The sort of thing you’d see on a DIY page, so I was dubious about the review.


You can buy WorkTall boots online for around £55, so they’re not cheap. The idea is you can use them as decorating stilts to save you lugging a pair of steps or a create around. They’re quite chunky and come with an anti-slip seal at the base, as well as sturdy straps. These features make them safe and sturdy. Providing there are no obstacles in a room, you will not have any safety issues when using these stilts.


They work too!! I’ve used mine solidly for 2 weeks and find myself opting to use them over steps. I find the WorkTall boots so easy to use. Everything from putting them on, to working with them and taking them off again. It’s like having leg extensions!! I even lined a ceiling wile using them this week and found them perfect. I know they look a bit daft, but they’re genuinely a handy bit of kit.


I didn’t pay for my pair of work tall boots, but in my mind, they are worth the money. For me, I always try and calculate how long it would take me for the time saved in labour to make the payment worthwhile. At £55, I need to save just over 2 hours labour before they’ve paid for themselves. I’ve easily done that already!! If I didn’t have them this week, I would have been messing around in a tight room with two pairs of steps and planks to paper a ceiling. Not an easy task, especially while the room still had furniture in it!! These WorkTall boots where an absolute godsend!! Besides which, they only cost around the same as a pair of steps.

So, I won these boots on the Decorators Forum UK and I’ve just tried them out.. I figured I’d share my honest WorkTall Boots review with everyone.


For a start they fit my size 12 feet which is a bonus!! They are a lot sturdier than I imagined and a great height for cutting in a standard room (I’m 6ft)


They didn’t take much getting used to, but I found I had to be always aware of my footing. It says on the instructions ‘you are not a robot so don’t walk like one’. To be fair it’s hard not to! Little side steps around the room worked well for me……also I didn’t like the fact that they assumed I wasn’t a robot!!! You can’t say those things anymore 😉


I’m currently working in an empty rental property and flew round the 3 bedrooms and landing upstairs, they definitely saved me time and quite enjoying using them.


At one point I lost my balance and sh*t myself….it was my own fault though as I tried to pick up a 10litre tub and fill another with them still on 😆


If you did have a wobble, I think it could be quite dangerous and end up with a nasty ankle injury (already broke my ankle once so I’m over cautious)


If you are steady and always aware of your surroundings you should be fine!


In conclusion, as a more domestic decorator I’m not sure I would be using them all the time unless it was a totally empty room I was working in.


I think for site painters these would be an absolute game changer!! If I was still on sites these would be used constantly.


Yeah, good bit of kit! Just be prepared for people to laugh at you while you are walking about like a cross between Robocop and Frankenstein 😆


Thanks to Mike Cupit and WorkTall Boots for the competition, the speedy delivery and great communication 👏


WorkTall Boots Review – Decorating Stilts

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