Tiger Kit Filler / Putty knife Review

Tiger kit filling knifes come in 3 sizes, 8, 10, and 12 centimetres wide.

The stainless-steel blade are very flexible and makes filling very easy leaving a smooth finish.

The wooden handle has a lovely groove moulded into it making it very comfortable to hold but also allowing the tradesman to apply the correct pressure whilst filling.

Previously I have been using the typical handle version of filling knives. You normally only see this type of knives used for cakes etc. (Maybe there is a reason why cakes look so smooth).

First impressions are that they are well made of the highest quality materials. Very sturdy and flexible.

While using them they were extremely comfortable. You can go back and forth changing directions with ease. The filling was not only quicker but just glided over the holes. Leaving only a very fine, thin layer to sand when dry again. This not only saved me time but left a very smooth flat surface.
You can see that these have been designed by a decorator as a lot of thought has gone into making these.

If you haven’t tried these types of putty/knives then I highly recommend them and they are a must for every tool bag.

Available from ebay

Tiger Kit Filler/Putty knifes

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Tiger Kit Filler / Putty knife Review