The best gloss for a front door

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I was recently asked by a good customer to paint his front door to a ‘ piano finish’. I have been waiting for years to be asked for this type of gloss finish, but in my local area, even normal gloss finishes have been out of style for the last decade. Almost all my clients want a flat matt or eggshell finish nowadays, which is a real shame. I still love a shiny, proud front door!!


The Best Gloss for a Front Door


My product choice was an easy one. I went for Tikkurila Miranol gloss, online by clicking here, and perfect for this type of work. You must use Tikkurila Otex primer prior to applying Miranol to aid with adhesion and provide the perfect base.

Tikkurila Miranol high-gloss is an oil-based paint. You can buy it in white, black, or any colour from Tikkurila’s vast colour range. The sheen level and colour depth are second to none, as is the longevity of the finish.


The Best Prep for a Front Door


The main problem with his request is the door was not a solid piece of timber, but a cheaper variety that had been made by piecing together different sections of wood. It looked fine when the previous owner had it varnished, but a high gloss finish would highlight all the small joints.


To get over this, I used the Toupret Gras a Lacquer to fill all the imperfections prior to painting. Drying time was a little bit of an issue, as we were carrying out the work during the colder months.

This particular door was then sanded down with 600 grit paper. After that, I applied 2 coats of Otex primer tinted to black. When that was dry, I sanded it down with 600 grit again and then applied the first coat of Gras a Lacquer, which I also had tinted to grey. I repeated this process 4 times until the door was perfect. I was ready to apply the gloss.

I applied the first coat of Tikkurila Miranol high gloss undiluted via brush and mini roller. This paint glides on without issue and leaves a perfect finish. I diluted the gloss and applied a second coat. The results were stunning!!

best gloss for a front door
best way to prep a front door before painting
shiny front doo painted with gloss

Best Tools to Use When Glossing


Having the best gloss available is only half the battle. As a paint, gloss is very sticky and tends to clog modern synthetic brushes. Plus, every fibre from a roller shows up. So, if you are going to gloss a front door, then you need to make sure you have the correct tools.

The best brush to apply any oil-based gloss is the Hamilton Perfection Pure Bristle. This is an old-school paintbrush that is a favourite amongst decorators. It’s made from “natural bristles” which don’t clog like their synthetic counterparts. You’ll be able to apply and ‘lay off’ your gloss with ease. Available online by clicking here.

The other thing you’ll need is a foam roller. There are loads on the market and any of them will do, but the Rota Superfine Concave are the best, simply because they don’t leave tram lines. Available online by clicking here.

The best gloss for a front door – by Chris Green

Updated Apr 22, 2023 | Posted Mar 7, 2022 | 1 comment

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