Tackling Flaking paint in Scuttles

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Flaking paint in your roller scuttle can be a real headache when you’re working. So we asked members of the Decorators Forum UK how they tackled the issue on a day to day basis. This is what they came back with.

All I do is sand the scuttle when I get it, then coat it with undercoat. Once dry, paint will never flake.

Steve Markes

I use scuttle liners. You can buy them online, they cost peanuts, and you don’t need to worry about paint flaking. Click here for prices.

Charles Stevens

Flaking paint in scuttles can be a real nightmare!! There are a couple of solutions worth looking at. The first is scuttle liners!! A neat plastic membrane which lines a scuttle while in use, then you simply dispose of it afterwards. The other option is to sand, then paint a coat of adhesion primer in the bottom and sides. Doing this will mean any paint residue from future usage will bond to the scuttle and never flake. You’ll get about 500 uses out of a scuttle before having to throw it away.

Mike Gregory


I coat mine up with Zinsser cover stain and leave to dry. Works perfect for me

Simon Riley

Scuttle liners are good if you’re onsite – same paint throughout etc. I buy mine online.

Barry Foster

Tried everything, thought about using floor paint as the one we wiped back seems solid

Steve Boiler Rowley - Tackling Flaking paint in Scuttles

I put oil-based undercoat on the sides before I go home some afternoons when I know I’m rolling the next day 👍🏻

Tommy Houghton

Use a tray 🤠👍

Mark Barton

Coat out with BIN first. Allow to dry properly before use.

Nath Long

Give it a coat of gloss before using!


Tackling Flaking paint in Scuttles

Shaun Pates

Scuttle liners

Sean Collins

Scuttle liners or coat it with shellac

Les Barber

Bin bag and at the end of the day you tap your roller and brush inside it

Gavin Sutcliffe

Oil based undercoat works well for me

Jamie Doc Graham

Scuttle liner.

Chris Psaila

Oil based products 👍👌

Richard Willey

Oil undercoat 👍🏽

Jay Price

I throw mine away and buy new ones, simples

Jaydam Decorating

Oil varnish or knotting

Christopher White

Scuttle liners 🙄

Andy Stelly Stelfox

Clean out your scuttle 😂

Michael Mallon

Use a liner

Tony Whitham

Worth Use scuttle liners

Mark William

Scuttle liners

Matthew Blain

Undercoat it first

Stephen Wardman

Stop using cheap paint!! liners just seem like a waste of money

Nate Rivers

Use 50l kitchen swing bin liners. Cheap as chips

Alan Saddler

Wash it out

Deano Shaw

Burn it out when your finished 🤔

Nige Wright

Oil undercoat or liners

Billy Cordwell

Clean out after use

Sam Simpson

All about the black bag and tape 👌🏻

Adam Fierce

Oily undercoat

Harry Clarke

Put a black bag in it…

Craig Dakin

I thought it said best way to stop peeing in a scuttle 😂😂😂 I must remember to put my glasses on

Emma Chamberlain

Clean it!!!!!!!!!

Pete Fox - Tackling Flaking paint in Scuttles

Scuttle liners but I do a lot of feature walls so can make it expensive

Steve Ford

Sand it down and coat once or twice with an oil-based paint

Michael Darling

Key the inside 😉👍

Daniel Street

Had metal scuttles when I started! Used to burn them out then plumbate!!

Better than any sh*te plastic

Kenny Hill

Metal scuttle burnt out and knotted

Richard Gwilliam

Scuttle liners from Dulux 👌👌

Derek Graham

Guardz it! Zinsser


Tackling Flaking paint in Scuttles

Edward Humphrey-Davies

Updated Jan 21, 2024 | Posted Apr 18, 2019 | 4 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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  1. Ryan Kennedy

    Gloss is the only thing that sticks and stays stuck I’ve tried everything from BIN to uni bond and find a coat of gloss is the best and makes it really satisfying when you eventually peel it out

  2. Dickies

    Buy about 5 and have 2 for white 3 for colour

  3. Pete

    Used to use a metal scuttle years ago 1970’s and I can’t recall the same flaking problem. We’d let the paint dry and build up then burn it out like the metal paint kettles. I wonder if they still sell them?

  4. Jack wardley

    Just splash out and buy steel paint scuttles will last you a life time never have to buy anymore once you got 10 or so just burn them out


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