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Q1 just launched two new painter’s masking tapes: the Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape and the Precision Line Masking Tape.

Q1 Multi Purpose

Q1 Multi Purpose Painter’s Tape is a handy tool to have in any professional painter’s toolbox. It’s a versatile tape that can be used when painting walls, skirting boards, trim, wood, and ceilings. It has an excellent adhesion on multiple surfaces and holding power. This tape can stay on for 7 days and still ensures clean removal. The tape is available in 3 different sizes, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm, and contains 50 meters per roll. Prices starts from £1.66 excl. VAT for single roll, but for multipacks and boxes there is a special deal where you can get an even more competitive price.

Q1 Precision Line

Q1 Precision Line Painter’s Tape is an ultra-thin paper masking tape for perfect razor-sharp paint edges and high-quality spraying jobs. The tape ensures up to 6 months clean removal and up to 3 months UV and water resistance, making it the perfect tool also for exterior projects. It has an easy to remove function without leaving adhesive residue, so the paint doesn’t peel off with the tape. It is what any professional needs for painting details – or any project that requires precision. Using a tape that is designed for high quality painting makes all the difference between getting the job done right the first time and having to touch up or repair damaged surfaces. Prices starts from £3.99 excl. VAT for single roll.

A special discount of 10% is available on all orders until 31-10-2018.

Use promo code: Q1DECORATORS With Q1 tapes, quality will never be an issue. Not sure? Try it out and share your review with us in the comment’s here below or on the forum. For more details visit the web site Follow Q1 for regular updates. 

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Q1 have basically come from nowhere and taken the decorating industry by storm. They started out in the automotive industry, until their products were discovered by a community of decorators online. Their products were soon hailed by a wider community of professional tradesmen, so Q1 took it upon themselves to develop a range of painters’ tapes. Fast forward 5 years and they’re everywhere!!


Q1 introduces painter’s masking tapes

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