ProDec Ice Fusion Paint Roller Review

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I’ve been meaning to write a ProDec Ice Fusion Paint Roller review for some time now, simply because it’s a product I use on a regular basis as a Professional Decorator. ProDec is probably the biggest paint tool manufacturer in Britain, and Ice Fusion is their premium range.

These rollers don’t hold masses of paint, and they’re quite difficult to wash out (I’ll include a few tips on how to clean them at the bottom of this review). That isn’t to say these rollers are bad quality, far from it.

They’re made using “fused fibre technology”, which to me just means they have a very fine and dense nap. Another Decorator said Ice Fusion Rollers are “the closest to a spray finish you will ever achieve with a roller”, and he was probably right. The dense fibres leave an incredibly smooth finish. These were the first rollers on the market that a Decorator could use and not need to lay the paint off with a brush after applying it. You really can achieve a finish that is as smooth as glass when using these things!

What’s more, Ice Fusion Paint Rollers are lint free. I know this is a claim made by manufacturers about a lot of paint rollers, but it’s seldom true. ProDec Ice Fusion is the real deal! No de-linting or washing needed before you start painting. Just get set up and put them straight in the paint.

I tend to use Ice Fusion for Water-based paint only. I’m sure you probably could use them in oil-based, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve used it. The rollers are available in different sizes. Each size is good for a different purpose. I’ll work through all of them individually and share my thoughts on each.


ProDec Ice Fusion Micro Rollers Review

I never bought into the idea of “micro rollers” before using Ice Fusion. I always thought they were a bit of a faff at best, and a gimmick at worst. However, I kind of see the point with these Ice Fusion ones.

Remember, you can achieve a spray like finish when using Ice Fusion, so the less brush work you do to paint a surface, the better the finish sometimes.

By using ProDec Ice Fusion Micro Rollers you can paint the edges of doors and cabinets, the contours of a panel door or radiator, all without using a brush at all. This helps you achieve a uniformed “spray like finish” everywhere.

You can also use them when painting inside tight spaces like in-between spindles or railings. These Micro Rollers are a fantastic specialist product you might use if you’re a perfectionist; when only the best finish is good enough.

ProDec Ice Fusion Micro Rollers to test and review

ProDec Ice Fusion 4-inch Rollers Review

The 4-inch is the version most Decorators will turn to when painting interior or exterior woodwork. It’s fantastic when painting surfaces like interior doors, windowsills, skirting, soffits and facias etc. They’re basically for large flat surfaces and great when applying water-based gloss or satinwood.

You can also buy the ProDec Ice Fusion 4-inch with a “jumbo core”, which has double the circumference.  The finish is the same when using the Jumbo, but because the circumference is bigger, it holds a lot more paint.

I love these paint rollers. They’re probably my favourite on the market for painting kitchen units and things like that.

ProDec Ice Fusion 4-inch Rollers and Arm

ProDec Ice Fusion 9-inch Rollers Review

This is the size you’d use when painting a wall. Remember, these rollers don’t hold loads of paint, so you probably wouldn’t use them every time you emulsion a wall, but they are a godsend when you’re trying to achieve an extremely flat finish.

You might use an Ice Fusion Roller on a wall when applying eggshell or durable matt. I love them when painting MDF panelling because texture really does show on a surface like that, and an Ice Fusion Roller leaves a surface as smooth as silk every time.

ProDec Ice Fusion 9-inch roller sleeve in its packet

ProDec Advanced Titan Cage Frame Review


I couldn’t write a ProDec Ice Fusion Roller review without including a small section on the ProDec Advanced Titan Cage. This fits almost any 9-inch roller sleeve.

It is a bit on the heavy side, but MY GOD the build quality is amazing!

It feels robust! It even comes with a lifetime guarantee! I admit to being heavy-handed at work, but I’ve never broken one of these frames. Everything is tight on it, there’s no give at all, which means you’re in full control of your roller.

The ProDec Advanced Titan Cage Frame has a standard size screw fitting, so it fits almost any brand of roller pole. I would suggest using a pole with it too, otherwise the weight will make your wrists ache in no time.

Roller cage

Tips for Cleaning Ice Fusion Paint Rollers


The only real downside of having tightly woven fibres on a roller is it holds onto paint when you’re trying to clean it. Ice Fusion Rollers are cheap enough to be considered a single-use-item if needs be, but you can clean them.

As a Decorator, I have up to a dozen roller sleeves to wash every week. I tend to just put the sleeves into a bag as I’ve finished with them, and then pop them all in the washing machine on a cold wash on a Friday.

I’ve been washing rollers like this for many years and never had a problem, but if you do follow my example, then you do so at your own risk.

The other way is in the sink with warm running water. It will take a little while to wash a paint roller like this, but the trick is to use plenty of washing up liquid. Lash it onto the roller and rub it in. The suds that form inside the roller push the paint out. This accelerates the cleaning process.


Final Thoughts


I hope my ProDec Ice Fusion Roller Review has been useful to you. I want to be completely honest; I absolutely love these paint rollers! The finish from them is sublime and I’d recommend them to anyone. They can be a pain to wash out, and some other brands hold more paint, but I can see past that if it means my paint finish is the best it possibly can be.

ProDec Ice Fusion Paint Roller review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Feb 27, 2024 | Posted Feb 19, 2024 | 1 comment

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