PaintTech Airless Spray Course Review

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I attended the Intensive Airless Spray Course last weekend at the PaintTech Academy in Preston. The course is designed for anyone from a complete novice like myself, to some of the more experienced sprayers.

There were three of us on the course and it went incredibly smoothly from start to finish. The instructor was always friendly and approachable, and as you would expect, a fountain of knowledge.

The whole experience has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for decorating and I have all intentions of applying my new skills from here on. Some of the things I learned about the benefits of spraying were mind blowing.

Example: to prepare the average hall, stairs and landing for spraying takes around 20 mins. Primer and each coat thereafter per door per side is only 53 secs! Skirts, architrave & stairs per coat is only 4 mins!! Spindles and handrail per coat is 4 mins.All this helps a decorator deliver the perfect finish, plus earn more money!!


 I had two similar hall, stairs and landing jobs lined up so, one was before the course and it took Four solid days to complete. The job after the course was complete over two days – just 4 hours in total. I’m already doubling my profit as a decorator due to the things I learned whilst attending the PaintTech course.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to everyone, as Pete makes it interesting and fun in a totally relaxed atmospher.

If you’re interested in booking, or want any more info about the PaintTech spray course, click here to visit their website.

Spraying is the future. The decorating industry is changing, and tradesmen need to change with it. I’m looking forward to my next job, where I can put my new skills to the test again.

PaintTech Airless Spray Course Review – by Paul O’Toole


The First Steps into Spraying with PaintTech


I see a lot of questions regarding spraying pop up on the daily on the Decorators Forum UK.

I’ve recently just booked a 2-day intensive course walls/ceilings/plaster followed by another 2 day course in furniture/kitchens/woodwork with PaintTech Training Academy.

Liam gave me a call explained the details and I’ve been pencilled in, easy as that. So far so good. He answered my questions and gave me time to think about it as it’s a canny wedge like, but for my business to grow it’s well worth the investment.

The best thing about the course is the mixture of traditional learning, and time on the spray gun. The basic technique is shown to use, then we get to practice ourselves. Liam watched me spray, then explained what I did well and where I need to improve. Every step through the course improved my capabilities.

By the end of it, I was confident in airless spraying. I know how to set the spray machine up, clean it out at the end, tape up, how to spray, even an idea of what I should be charging. The information I absorbed was out of this world. I’m looking forward to making more money as a decorator with my new skills.

If anyone is thinking about learning to spray or want to know anything about it, I suggest giving them a call. They have courses available all around the country to me meet your needs.

They also do a discount bundle if you’re wanting to upgrade to Tri Tech spraying systems at the course completion. With a lot of aftercare/warranty webinars. Too good to be true surely? We’ll see. Hope this helps 👍

You can view their website here.

Michael Donnelly

Professional Decorator

Updated Feb 17, 2024 | Posted Jun 15, 2021 | 2 comments


  1. Darren

    That looks so much easier than rollers, might have to invest and do this. Great article.

  2. Alex day

    Best money I ever spent, great training and support even after you finish your course, it’s a great investment for you business, and I can’t recommend the paint tech team enough.


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