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Posted Jun 11, 2024 | Featured industry news, Products | 2 comments

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Professional woodworkers and DIYers are set to benefit from brand investment by Liberon, having relied on the woodcare expert for many years in order to be sure of achieving the high-quality results they want.

With woodcare in its DNA, the company’s renown for excellence in products such as dyes, waxes, oils and varnishes is now complemented by a new brand image and refreshed packaging. A big advantage to stockists and end-users will be the fact that each product area will be colour-coded, which will which make finding and selling the products easier. In addition, Liberon has expanded its range of formulations for outdoor application, investing in this part of the market in order to help drive it forwards with a comprehensive woodcare offer. The company has also developed a new-look website, which is easier to navigate, and carries inspirational tips and advice alongside useful product information. For stockists, Liberon has also put together an extensive support package, including refreshed point-of-sale material, leaflets and guides, shelf talkers and colour range boards.

So far, investment in exterior woodcare has seen the launch of two new products: ‘Superior Protection Woodstain’ and ‘Superior Decking Stain’. Both offer users genuine benefits that differentiate them from other available products. They join Liberon’s flagship decking oil.

Liberon’s new Superior Protection Woodstain requires only two coats with the first one dry after just 3 hours and ready for the second application. So, unlike most other comparable woodstains, the job can be completed in one day, which is good news for time management and therefore profitability. With an 8-year guarantee for outstanding protection it is ideal for outdoor cladding, window frames or doors.

With a quick-drying satin finish that enhances exterior timber, the new woodstain is smooth and simple to apply. Whilst being water-repellent, it nevertheless has a formulation that makes it microporous once dry, which allows wood to breathe.

Liberon’s new Superior Protection Woodstain

With a non-drip formulation, the woodstain is suitable for most woods, hard and soft, new or old, and can be applied over most existing woodstains. Its formulation makes it flexible with wood movement. This great quality woodstain has UV filters, making it ideal for outdoor woods that are exposed to bad weather conditions or lots of sun. It is available in six colours.

Liberon’s new ‘Superior Decking Stain’ is water-repellent, protects against damage from sunlight, looks fabulous and has a ‘biosourced’ formula. The biosourced formula, which includes vegetable oils and modified bio-based resins, reduces environmental impact but still maintains superior performance.

Its protection against moisture and sunlight is long-lasting; the stain’s water-based formulation includes anti-slip properties; it is easy to apply thanks partly to an excellent spreading rate compared to other available options; is quick-drying; and it produces a natural, semi-transparent finish once dry. It is offered in six colours.

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Posted Jun 11, 2024 | 2 comments

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About the Author

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  1. Jen

    Just stripped some wallpaper off and now wanting to paint. Now struggling to get all the paste residue off. Any tips would be ver much appreciated! Thanks

    • Mike Cupit

      Zinsser Dif or Pretty Boys as a cleaning agent. Then seal with Zinsser Gardz.


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