Harris Trade Masonry Roller Review

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I used to get carried away with paying top dollar on tools and brushes when really there’s no need. Some of the cheap stuff is sh*t and I’ll admit that.

But….. These Harris Trade masonry roller sleeves are a very good buy 👌

Exactly the same as the Purdy colossus sleeves, but these are only £10 apiece.

Harris is owned by Hamilton, who are one of the brand leaders in tool manufacturing. Hamilton are one of my favourite brands to be fair. I find their rollers and brushes last a long time, which is probably down to their extensive testing.

Harris is cheaper than Hamilton, but it is still good quality. Their poles for example, come with a lifetime guarantee!! Masonry roller sleeves need to be disposable, so it makes sense to go with Harris.


The Harris masonry rollers sleeves are 9 inches long and fit the Hamilton cage perfectly. They also come in 12-inch, but no one likes a show off.

They hold loads of paint and they’re light enough to use for long periods, even when carrying out ladder work. There is a little bit of lint-loss, but it’s no big deal on an outside. You couldn’t use these rollers for interior emulsion. Overall, I’m very impressed. I go through loads of them as a decorator and for the price, I’d recommend them to anyone.

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Harris Trade Masonry Roller Sleeve Review – by Mike Gregory

Harris Customer Service


Although a lot of it is rubbish DIY crap now, does anyone have any Harris gear? Had a small roller pole that came in the big bundle from Screwfix. In fact, I’d had it 4 years and it was a fab little pole.

Well the rubber on the end has loosened and came up the pole, splitting the rubber. Even though I’d had the pole years, I thought I’d try my luck with the lifetime guarantee they offer.

Three quick emails yesterday with a photo of the pole and defect and there is a brand-new pole on its way to me as we speak!!
Anyone with Harris gear, when it breaks which I’m sure it will at some point, don’t throw it. Drop their customer care an email and get it replaced!! I can’t fault the customer care. It was all sorted and a replacement on its way within about 2 hours. Big win for Harris Customer Service. I’ve looked up thier website if anyone is interested?

John Dickinson

Updated Feb 8, 2024 | Posted Apr 24, 2019 | 0 comments


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