Foil lining Paper to hold back damp

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Anyone else use foil lining paper to hold back damp?

I have been a professional decorator long enough to know it is an old-school method, but it still works. Not only does it create a waterproof membrane between plaster and your decorative finish, but it also adds insulation, which helps prevent condensation. You can use it underneath wallpaper, or lining paper. It will even help stop mould growth on your walls.

Those who have never seen or used it, it’s a pitch foil paper to hold off damp and associated problems such as mould and mildew. It’s 3-ply thick (craft paper, bitumen and foil).

Of course, if the damp in penetrating from outside of your house, the issue needs to be addressed. If you have a leak for example, you still need to fix it. However, this foil backed paper does come in handy on certain projects. Some people use it in bathrooms to reduce the amount of condensation.

The foil backed paper comes with its own adhesive. Soak the paper in warm water for a while before applying it. Then apply the adhesive and let everything dry a little bit. Then you can apply it to your wall, cutting where needed with an Olfa, or craft knife.

You can overlap it slightly on the seams to create a seal. Don’t worry about the finish. Just give it a little sand or fill once dry. Then simply line over the top of it with normal lining paper. Or, as previously mentioned, you can hang wallpaper over the top of it.

You can buy it online by clicking here, but you may be able to order it from your usual trade counter too (Crown, Johnstone’s etc).

I love foil backed lining paper. It works well, and more decorators should be using it.

Foil lining Paper to Hold Back Damp – by Phil Beckwith

Updated Apr 15, 2024 | Posted Feb 14, 2021 | 2 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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  1. Mr l parylo

    Our late son had the fireplace bricked up and replastered,,with an air brick put in at skirting board height,when we have papered We are getting mold coming through the paper and the seams start to open up,,same place every time with new paper,,would this foil help,,and if it can,,how much is it a roll,it only happens about 3 feet from skirting board,not the full chimney breast,thanks

    • John Browne

      Can I put heavy duty lining paper over foil insulation boards


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