Dulux Academy Wallpapering Course Review

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I’m a professional decorator and I have just got commissioned to install a fabric backed wide width vinyl wall covering priced at £400 a roll and another at £536 per roll. I was a bit dubious to be honest, but then I received a notification that I had won a Dulux Advanced wallpapering course. (The twitchy bum sensation began to ease).

I had been thinking of taking up a few Dulux courses over the last year to sharpen up some skills – especially in an environment where I’m not being scrutinised and pressured, where errors do not cost time, money and reputation.

I thought I’d take you through my experience and give you my Dulux Academy Wallpapering Course review.


Dulux Academy Wallpaper Course – Day 1:


Parking allocated ✅   Enter reception – Very polite greeting.✅

Met fellow decorator Jason and we share details of our areas and projects we have worked. The networking started immediately with Jason kindly offering me a project.


Tony Pearson-Young comes to meet us and takes us to their Dulux bespoke training facility. We are flowered with a bacon butty or Sausage sandwich with tea or coffee raining from the instant hot tap. (Would have liked a vegetarian option, but thought I would man up) There was a fruit bowl also!

The Dulux Academy facility surpassed what I was expecting. Shortly the other Decorators arrived and we all introduced ourselves.

Up to the classroom: Tony went over the theory and practicalities of the various wallpaper types, tools and things to look out for, sharing a wealth of experience.

Then down to the training area – we were given practical tutorials and interactive demonstrations of pasting machines and papering techniques – “right choose a door” Tony beamed with a smile.

We all had the choice to work in our own rooms and pair up with our new companions. All the tools required were provided – right down to the vitally important new sharp blades.

We had a nice hot lunch prepared with refreshments followed by cake!

Our first task to measure up and cross-line a wall, then to wallpaper a ceiling.


Dulux Academy Wallpaper Course – Day 2



A relaxed discussion as a group about do’s and don’t ‘s, then back to complete our activities from the previous day.


Our next task on the course was to wallpaper a window reveal with offset pattern matched wallpaper and to look at handling/hanging sensitive metallics or hand printed Wall covers.

Wallpapering around room features and profiles, staircases and archways.

There was a lot more involved in this course than I can mention. It was delivered at a pace that made it easy to absorb, by a training professional who delivered the course effortlessly beyond my expectation in a facility that was kept organised and pristine.

I would most certainly re-visit and do other courses – certainly recommend the courses.

Again, I would like to thank Decorators Forum UK for all their efforts in bringing the industry together, to Tony Pearson-Young for all the tips and tricks to boost my confidence and to the Dulux academy and their partners for all the support and investment into their facilities, making the upgrade and up-skilling of our trade far more accessible and affordable.

Check out the Dulux Academy Page by clicking here

Dulux Academy Wallpapering Course Review – by Edward Humphry


Another awesome two days training with Tony from the Dulux Academy. Slightly less of a drive today with it only being 25mins from home! At Taunton College. It’s great to see the Academy branching out and popping up at different locations. Anyway, I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write a quick Dulux Academy Wallpaper Course review. I hope you find it useful.

Another certificate, but more importantly the confidence you get from just learning how to get the perfect finish with wallpaper.

Being professional decorators, we weren’t far off. we already understood the principals and had some really good results from paper hanging, but now we are confident it’s the correct process. We have tweaked our techniques to improve our practice and more importantly, where to avoid short falls and mistakes.

This course is open to the general public, as well as decorators, so it’s a great opportunity for people to learn a few practical DIY skills.

The Dulux Academy is always very inviting. There is a room to sit and learn the theoretical parts wallpapering (we didn’t spend too much time in there). Then there are booths for demos and practising.

Tony Pearson-Young was our instructor. He showed us what to do and talked us through the whole process including paste and all the tools required. We then got loads of time to practice wallpapering under his supervision. If we got stuck, we asked for his help. Other than that, he watched, encouraged, and helped us to improve where he could.

It’s good fun too, and rest assured, even though it wasn’t at the Dulux Academy HQ, but the all-important question….

We still got cake 😁🧁🍰One thing the Dulux Academy is famous for is its hospitality. We cad cake, sandwiches, and as many brews as we could handle throughout the day.

Dulux Academy Wallpaper Hanging Course Review – By Rachel Bates


This is my first attempt at wallpapering since I finished the 2-day course down at the Dulux Academy Slough. It was a nice little confidence builder, although I was still cacking it lol.

I wasn’t too sure about where to start the paper at the ceiling line as I couldn’t see an obvious one, so constructive criticism welcomed in the name of learning/improving.

I know professional decorators need to know how to paper, but my boss never taught me. Every other aspect of my job is perfect.

I have a free course voucher so will be booking on the Digital Murals and Feature Wall course next.

The Dulux Academy offer all types of short courses for anyone, whether you are a professional decorator, or DIY. Each course is inexpensive and only takes a day or two to complete.

A lot of decorators I know like the airless spray courses. One I like the look of is Urban Effects.

First Attempt at Wallpapering – by Steve Smith

Updated Jun 22, 2024 | Posted Sep 6, 2018

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