Deltec tape review

By Phill Southam


  • Great precision – no bleed
  • Perfect adhesion amounts for each purpose tape
  • Can be used internal and external


  • Errrrmmm???
  • Only a few pence cheaper than Tesa?
  • Cant get it From Dulux or Brewers where I shop?


I have tried all 3 Deltec tapes, PURPLE – sensitive prcision, GOLD – standard precision, EXTREME – high stick, and I can say they are all fantastic tapes fit for purpose in all of their fields.

To test out the purple tape I finished the woodwork first and taped it off the following day (I did half the job with Pink Tesa to compare) then painted the walls. The first thing I noticed in comparison is that the Deltec tape seemed to be a lot more water resistant, by this I mean that the pink Tesa crimples up when emulsion goes over it and sometimes can make it let go, yet the Deltec was completely unaffected. When I removed the tape it did not pull any of the freshly painted woodwork at all.

The Gold is a great standard precision and produced exceptional results on everything I used it on. The thing I liked about it is that when you apply it and you run your finger over the edge to seal it (as you do with all precision tapes) you can actually see where it has been pressed down ensuring a clean edge. It has the perfect amount of stick and I much prefer it over my normal brand I use.

The Extreme, I had an exterior job on which I thought I could put it to the test on. At first I tested it on some previously painted render to tape a line where 2 colour masonry paints joined but was on an internal corner, when taping it I noticed it had a great level of stick but what I had chose to use it on was asking to much of a tape. If you see the video below you will see a couple bleeds

But with my next attempts after it completely redeemed itself. I tried it on flat render (see pic below) and it was bang on but I stupidly forgot to take the after pic after this:

Also, I normally clean down guttering etc first before painting but I thought i’d put it to the test and tried it on some dirty Facia/soffit end cap. It stuck absolutely effortlessly and performed brilliantly (see video at the end)

Here is a video of all 3 tapes in action, first the Gold and its first class results on some soffits & window reveals that was new render before taping (disclaimer – the scratches on the windows are from the rough ass renderers) next the Extreme on the dirty soffit end cap working flawlessly, then finally the sensitive Purple (its white on white but there was no pull).

The ONLY reason why I wouldn’t switch these brilliant tapes is I’d have to order online and pay upfront just to save a few pence (but probably a bit dearer including the delivery) rather than getting them on my Dulux/Brewers account like I do with my normal precision tape I use.

Thanks for reading

Phill Southam

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