Decorators Review Zinsser Perma-White

Decorators Review Zinsser Perma-White


Zinsser Perma-White is a paint designed for humid rooms where mold and mildew growth can be an issue. You can have it tinted into almost any colour, but the white has an almost luxurious pearl effect finish. No good if you’re aim is “brilliant white”, although it does look good once completed. Perma-White is durable enough to use on both woodwork and as an emulsion. We asked professional decorators from the Forum to give us their views. This is what they came back with

I love it! I did my bathroom in it about 2 years ago. I’m about to redecorate to be honest, but 2 years in my damp bungalow in deepest darkest Cornwall and it has stood up well. ‘Tis a bit like p*ss mind!

Ross Ratty - Decorators Review Zinsser Perma-White

The satin is bombproof for bathrooms, but it is crap opacity. 2 coats minimum, 3 and a mist coat of bullseye 123 on bare plaster.

Paul Mann Decorating

I used this for the first time today actually over fresh plaster with a mist coat.

I was really impressed. Covered in 2 coats, once dry awesome finish.

Yeah, I agree a bit runny though.

Carla Ross

It’s great stuff!! Poor opacity so base it out with something else first, but great stuff none the less. I’ve done loads of problem bathrooms with the satin and not had any call backs.

Jim Ware

 Good gear, excellent finish, a bit thin, but that makes application easy. Doesn’t have very good opacity so if the ceiling is bad, I use a coat of Supermatt first. I used Perma White on a mouldy bathroom ceiling (after washing down) and it’s still perfect 6 years later, no sign of mould/mildew

Howard J Double - Decorators Review Zinsser Perma-White

 It’s the absolute business for humidity/mould problems in bathrooms 👌my go to paint.

David Humphreys

Sprays ok as well👍

Gary Scanlan

I used it in a bathroom with a jacuzzi, which the guy uses for 2 hrs a day. The walls and ceiling get soaked!

Used it on the ceiling and Got it tinted for the walls, still looks mint 3 years on.

Andy Russell

 I think it’s a great drop of gear, use it in all the bathrooms I decorate. Some are in a right old state, but this stuff sorts them right out!

Jamie Bennett

A bit runny, but seems to last.

Arnis Grinbergs

Doesn’t cover well. It’s way too thin

Ross Berryman - Decorators Review Zinsser Perma-White

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