Decorators Review Laura Ashley Wallpaper

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Laura Ashley wallpaper is something that gets talked about over and over again on The Decorators Forum UK, but are their products good quality or overpriced rubbish?  We asked professional decorators to review Laura Ashley for us. Let’s see what they think…. as you can tell, opinions are very much divided!

I’ve been a decorator for 10 years and I’m based in Kent.

I do like a lot of the designs available. I don’t like the sheen to the surface of the paper as any small crease or mark is then highlighted.

I usually hang with Beeline yellow lid ready-mixed paste, and don’t allow to soak for long. I paste the paper and the wall and get it straight on.

Value for money? Entirely down to the client. We advise on rolls required to complete but don’t tend to purchase the finishing papers.

I’d give Laura Ashley papers a steady 6/10.

James Wildish

Professional Decorator

Absolute rubbish!! It annoys me how a big brand can charge a premium for a wallpaper that is such low quality!! Laura Ashley is very thin and can mark or rip easily. If you over-soak it you’ll find it turns to mush in your hands. The non-woven papers are a bit better and the designs are nice.

Mike Gregory

Professional Decorator


Laura Ashley paper was the same as Next paper for a while. Can’t give a review of them now because I refuse to use them. The trick is, if you read the instructions and it says “soak for 3 minutes”, it’s going to be unusable, especially around any obstacles. If it says “soak for 5 minutes” it’s fine.

Stuart Gillanders

Professional Decorator

Laura Ashley Wallpaper has changed now. It was very low-quality, but the company went bust and the brand was sold. Graham and Brown now make it, and Graham and Brown are very good at wallpaper.

So, Laura Ashley wallpaper is better quality and has the same sleek designs. But for some reason, it isn’t as popular as it once was. Maybe homeowners don’t know they can still buy Laura Ashley, who knows.

Carl Flyn

Professional Decorator

I’ve been a decorator for 21 years, I’m based in Cornwall.

I have found the Laura Ashley paper to be of a reasonable quality, but I’ve only used it a handful of times. (I tend to lean more towards Super Fresco.)

Some of the designs are very nice and I’ve had some fantastic results.

I like Solvite and Yellow top ready mixed from Brewers.

Value for money? They’ve got some great designs that aren’t available elsewhere. It is a touch on the expensive side, but I’ve got customers who keep insisting on Farrow and Ball, whereas I’m a Dulux boy through and through. Horses for courses.

I’d be tempted to go somewhere around the 6/10 mark based on my own experience as I’ve had a batch discrepancy to explain to customer services. (They we’re very polite.)

Issue was resolved, and I would use it again for the right price.

Ross Ratty

Professional Decorator


I’ve been a decorator for 3 years and I live in Wimborne Dorset.

I found Laura Ashley to be a fairly decent paper to be fair once you get used to it. The patterns are very current and are attractive to a wide spectrum of clientele.

I normally used their own paste and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure if there ever was a problem when hanging, I as an individual would be covered. I know problems with this paper have been known in the past.

Clients are willing to pay for it and believe it’s middle of the range for a paper and have it in my own house.

I give Laura Ashley wallpapers 7.5 out of 10 as I believe there is room for improvement but nothing major that concerns me as a professional.

Tom Holloway

Professional Decorator

Been a decorator for 35 years and have hung loads of Laura Ashley, always line the walls first!

Only paste 1 at a time and clean table after each piece…

Let it soak for the minimum period of time, I find no more than 3/4mins.

I only use flake wallpaper paste, which gives you a bit more working time.

Take your time and Laura Ashley is ok.

I personally think it’s overpriced and wouldn’t choose it for my house.


Steve Weaver

Professional Decorator

Line the walls first and there’s no issue,

Clean as you go (like all papers)

Soak for said time,

Get all that right and it’s a doddle,

If you’re still struggling give me a shout (I travel😂)

Ash Ferren

Professional Decorator

I’m a decorator based in Manchester

Regarding Laura Ashley, I personally think it’s overpriced and no better than Art House.
Paste wise I use Beeline yellow top. Again, line walls and clean the paste from table after each piece. The biggest issue is the cutting the paper, especially if you’ve got several sockets near each other. The paper rips far too easy.

I’ve got to say though, they do some lovely prints/patterns.

Personally if I was paying 30+ per roll I’d expect I better standard of paper, value for money 3/10

David Tyacke

Professional Decorator


I’ve been decorating for 39yrs in the north.

Laura Ashley is simply a money-making racket fuelled by uneducated housewives with more money than sense. It’s a very cheaply produced paper sold for a packet, its like trying to hang wet toilet paper! If you have a few things on the wall which you have to cut round, then god help you!

They have shops advertising furniture and all sorts of household items, but when you have a complaint, they tell you it has nothing to do with them and give you contact details of the manufacturer. All they say, “take it up with them”. Their shops are just an outlet for manufacturers who sell very low to Laura Ashley who then massively boost the price because people think they are buying something that’s “IN” but is actually “NOWT” N “OUT”!!

Barry Copeland

Professional Decorator

Laura Ashley is very stylish, but the quality is low!! That goes for the wallpaper, paint, and soft furnishings. It is all crap. The amount of poor-quality Laura Ashley lamp shades and curtain rails I’ve had to put up is ridiculous.

The non-woven wallpaper they do is easy enough to hang. It is still thin, so make sure you line your walls before hanging. The pulp paper is horrible!! It rips, stretches and marks very easily. One to avoid if you can.

Pete Smith

Professional Decorator

Updated May 2, 2024 | Posted Aug 9, 2018 | 7 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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  1. Paul negus

    Hung it when it first came out lined the walls followed the instructions used their flake paste, absolute nightmare. I’ve seen improvements over the years as believe it or not it has got better and easier to hang. My advice is always line use a good ready mixed adhesive and constantly change your cutting edge. Keep paste off of face and dab rather than wipe with your sponge.

  2. margaret nugent

    just tried hanging LA paper in my bedroom. Awful to handle and it looks terrible. Only just done it so hoping it will dry smooth and unwrinkled but if it doesn’t I’ll have to take it all off. It stretched and warped, the colour came off as I was smoothing it out, it’s full of bubbles and looks a sight. I’ve had plenty experience decorating but only used LA paper twice. The first time wasn’t quite as bad as this as the background colour was white and it was easier ton wipe over but this has a dark blue/lilac background and the colour smears all over the place. Not happy at this moment in time but waiting to see what it’s like when it’s dried. 🙁

  3. Manon

    Really difficult to handle paper. New blade each strip, still rips, crumbles, name it… I have hung lots of paper in my life and this is absolute nightmare!

  4. A Whitehouse

    Excellent wallpaper. Lovely to hang,no issues at all. Longer rolls than normal so used less than normal would. Picked up on sale so even better value for money. Definitely buy again.

    • Mike Cupit

      Longer rolls? They were 10.5m, the same as any other standard brand. They’ve gone out of business now

  5. Derek Whitaker

    I’ve been a decorator for nearly 50 years and can honestly say Laura Ashley wallpaper is only good enough to flushed down the toilet! I say that because it’s just like toilet paper when you paste it. Patterns and colours are nice but that’s all you’re paying for. Avoid at all costs!

  6. Jane Lockwood

    Looking for blue and cream for bedroom and o suite.


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