Biggest Trends In Interior Design Right Now

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Home design is a massive industry, with people all over the world working with an interior designer to customise and accessorise their homes. And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you? Interior designers study what works in a home. They’ll turn your living area into a Pinterest-worthy picture that other homeowners model there’s after. However, interior design trends are also always changing, so it’s best to keep up to date with what’s working currently. Here are some of the biggest trends in interior design as we speak.


Biggest Trends In Interior Design Right Now

Trends come and go, and then, in a few years, they resurface and take the world by storm once again. Here, you might notice some trends that have been around for centuries, but they’re coming back with some improvements. Here are 7 trends hitting the market now:


1.    Rattan

For those of you who’ve ever travelled to Bali or other Eastern countries, you’d recognise this style as a part of your everyday life. Rattan offers an organic, natural look to your home. Providing it with earthly tones. You can apply this style to coffee tables and other furniture, but nothing beats Rattam light fittings with warm lights. It really just changes the atmosphere of the room altogether.


2.    Textured Walls

Textured walls have also made a popular entry, giving homes a different yet pleasing aesthetic. Whether you use limewash paint or a different textural finish, adding this style to your wall brings more movement and dimension to the room. Textured walls have more than just one function, they’re also a prime alternative for hiding imperfections on the wall like cracks, chips or other issues. They can also divert people’s attention away from structural limitations or flaws, making the room look more professional and perfect.

3.    Gold-platted Ceramics

Have you walked into a home-depo store lately? You’ll notice the increase in gold-platted ceramic items. With the increased use of lighter colours in homes, gold-platted ceramics bring in a good contrast. They make minimalist palettes look more sophisticated, offering a pinch of flare to the room.


White Lamps

In the lighting space, white lamps have made a comeback. But these aren’t just any lamps. They’re often ceramic lamps that almost model a sculpture. Allowing them to function both practically and aesthetically.


Decorative Storage Boxes

Finding convenient places to store things around the home has always been a focus for people. But now, the focus isn’t just on convenient storage but also on storage that’s aesthetically pleasing, minimalist and virtually indistinguishable from other furniture. Decorative storage boxes are flooding the interior design world because of their convenient function and potential to add to the dynamic of a home’s design.


Zellige Tiles

Another big trend happening in the interior design space is Zellige Tiles. While they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, these stunning, hand-made tiles add depth and texture to a room, making it more appealing and interesting. Often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, these tiles find it easy to fit in and bring some style to almost any aesthetic. In most cases, Zellige tiles are paired with neutral bright colours for the best results.


Decorative Wall Lights

Good lighting in a home has always been essential. But recently, designers have taken good light to the next level, creating dynamic and beautiful wall lighting features that practically light up your room while adding a beautiful wall fixture for you and others to admire. As they develop, they become more sculptural. Sensational, and stylish, in a similar way to how a chandelier steals one’s attention as you walk into a hall.


Hidden Desks or Home Offices

As a part of the minimalist culture, we see development across the world. Many people are also purchasing hide-away offices. This pretty much entails a room or desk that folds neatly away into a corner so that it’s not seen. For many people who work from home, they use a spare room as an extra office. But this takes away the use of having a “spare room” for guests to sleep in. That’s where the benefit of these hideaway offices comes in. They allow you to utilise the spare room as another bedroom and an office.


Final Thoughts

Thats it for todays look at what’s trending in the interior design world right now. But new innovations are constantly rising so keep your eye on the interior design community and who knows, you might find the next design for your home.

Posted Apr 17, 2024 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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