Andura Titanium one Satinwood Review

By Adam Featherstone


This review is of Andura Titanium One Satinwood,

As a big mythic black label user of old, I’m always on the lookout for a paint like mythic was, ie two coat self priming system, I think I may of found it!!! 

Since 1985 Andura have specialised in manufacturing and supplying premium quality interior paints and long-life exterior masonry coatings. Andura are ISO 9001 accredited, thereby guaranteeing consistently high quality in their products and customer service. Andura manufacture all of their products in Britain and are committed to using only the highest quality raw materials available.

I already know from a simple quick brush on the inside of my airing cupboard which is old oil gloss, that it has very impressive grip qualities see video below.

My current job is hall stairs and landing on a 10 year old new build, after the required amount of prep needed for new builds, ie loads of sanding of the standard sealing knots off, it was time to crack the Titanium One open.

For this job Im using a proform 2” contractor and 5mm fussy blokes mini sleeve, I found dampening down the surface improves the flow and finish, its not a must it flows out fine without it, but it does help.

Opacity is very impressive, so photos below, this is direct to old yellowed gloss.

It’s recoatable in one hour, which is a massive bonus, it can be mixed into any colour.

I found its best to give the brush a wash out every couple hours as it does clogg up.

I’ve sprayed it through my Graco GXFF with a Tritech Ultra 208 tip, on 1100 psi I didn’t thin it and it went through without any blockages, I think it could of went through on lower pressure but I didn’t want play out too much on a live job, and when I was spraying a banister.

I find the overspray settle more dusty than most of the paints I’ve sprayed.

Durability wise I’m very impressed, in this video I’ve ran the sharks fin of my olfa knife and it just scrubs off.

Andura Titanium One is a interior and exterior product, it’s available in four different finishes, Pure acrylic matt, Pure acrylic low sheen, Pure acrylic satin.

The matt finish is 2% sheen at 60°

Low sheen is 7% sheen at 60°

Satin is 20% sheen at 60°

Gloss is 80% sheen at 60°.

The welcome pack is one of the best put together packs I’ve come across, it comes with a mini Ral fan deck, a sheet on all the different paint systems they do, ie the roof tile paint and the sundries they do.

Andura is based in Bicester and available at or on 01869 240374 also via the sales manager Jon Mears 07809908610.

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