Andura Titanium One waterbased Satin review by Andy Scott

Andura Titanium One Satin review

Andy Scott


Having tried nearly all fully waterbased satin finishes, I was sceptical on how the andura satin would perform. Most never live up to expectations. Either they don’t have the opacity you want and grin through, or they don’t key to previously painted surfaces, making you search for a good adhesion primer. Both of these problems lead to more work. However, try it I did, and here is my Andura Titanium One Satin review. I hope you find it useful.

On opening the tin, I was pleasantly surprised, it had a good body about it, not water thin. A nice strong white colour also.


Application of Titanium One on previously painted oil gloss

I flattened off woodwork with an 80 grit sanding pad, wiped and dusted clean. Then I coated it up with the Titanium One Satin. The wood was well yellowed and highly glossed. The opacity of the Titanium One was brilliant for the first coat, nearly on a par with Scuff X. Left for only half an hour and dry, I did scratch test with metal tin opener and bullet proof! I was really surprised.

The second coat of Titanium One flowed on lovely and looked really well. I think your mind plays tricks on you at times, I started thinking it needed a third coat as that’s normally the case with waterbased satin, but once fully dry in was perfectly fine.

It’s pretty well priced for the quality product. Andura Titanium One is and it’s now my go to waterbased satinwood.


The Verdict

Let’s face it, Titanium One is a waterbased satinwood which adheres to cured oil-based and looks mint after two coats! Plus, you don’t have to re-mortgage your house or apply for finance to buy a tin of it. What more can you ask for? I think it is going to prove to be a really popular product in time. It’s just a shame you can only order it online at the moment. I’d love to see Andura on the shelf at my local trade stores.


And that is my Andura Titanium One Satinwood Review, I hope you found it useful. For more info about the product, click here

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