Spot Drops – The simplest way to paint around spotlights

Spot Drops are a revolutionary, but simple and inexpensive tool to help you keep spotlights away from a ceiling while you paint around it.

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Spot Drops - The simplest way to paint around spotlights.

Spot Drops – The Simplest Way to Paint Around Spotlights


Have you ever pulled a spot light down when you’re starting a decorating project and a big chunk of the ceiling comes with it? Whether you’re a pro or not, this is a common occurrence and it happens to everyone!

Each time you pull at the light to remove it, the spring clips damage the back of the board and often take a chunk of plaster from the front with it. This means time is unnecessarily wasted on the job filling and sanding around all those lights.

Why is it unnecessary? Well, because there is now a tool that can prevent it.

Where ever there is a void between the face of the light and the spring clip, you can simply pop in the Spot Drops to provide the space needed to prepare and paint around without having to fully remove the light.

Here are a few examples of the benefits to using Spot Drops


– Incredibly simple to use
– No masking required
– No damage to the board
– Saves time on removing and re installing the lights
– Prevents damage to the light unit or spring clips
– Removes any risk of any wiring working loose
– Zero touch ups necessary
– Re usable

Whether its a small room with a handful of lights or a large kitchen / diner. Spot Drops will save