lining walls when hanging Laura Ashley Wallpaper

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Are you all lining walls for Laura Ashley wallpaper?

I papered a wall last Thursday (a very hot day) using Laura Ashley Josette paper. It was awful to hang, ripped, tore and marked. I’ve had problems with Laura Ashley wallpaper before, sometimes it flies up and goes on lovely. Other Laura Ashley wallpapers mark, rip and you’re unable to use a blade at all, even with an Olfa Knife, you have to use scissors.

It was just ok. When I finished the overall effect was there, but I was embarrassed leaving the job. The customer said it was fine, but it could’ve looked nicer.

I know you’re told to cross line with a lot of Laura Ashley papers, I didn’t. I can see how this would benefit with maybe the joins looking better, but I can’t see it making a difference when cutting round socket and doors.

I think I’m going to insist on cross lining all walls before hanging any paper from now on. Customers don’t like paying twice, but think I’m going to say it’s two days work for a feature wall, rather than just one.

I’ve been decorating 20 years but never really enjoyed papering much. I’m always looking to improve. Does everyone agree we should always crossline walls before hanging paper?

Even if walls in good nick, it’s more of a suction thing with the paper drying more evenly? I do sometimes vinyl Matt wall in same colour as paper. I’ve read some stuff on the Decorators Forum UK which has helped a little.


I always line no matter how good walls are and will turn work away if they don’t agree to it.

Christopher Ashby

Professional Painter and Decorator

You’ve simply got to line the walls any time you’re hanging a low-quality wallpaper like Laura Ashley. You need something to soak up all the excess paste for a start. The other issue lining paper solves is the joints of the finish paper opening up, which can otherwise be a nightmare.

Mike Gregory

Professional Painter and Decorator

I think we’ve all been there!

There’s nothing worse than turning up to paper a wall and you find out it’s Laura fe(#ing Ashley 😐

John Barker

Professional Painter and Decorator

Lining for most papers is so porosity is all the same. Colour background is uniform. Paper dries equally and lining helps pull butt joins tight.

Tom Hicks

Professional Painter and Decorator

I will always line no matter how good they are, then paper on lining paper

Christopher Ashby

Professional Painter and Decorator

If it says cross line on the manufacturer’s instructions, that’s what I do. No comeback then

Paul Colman

Professional Painter and Decorator

Laura Ashley is shocking wallpaper. Lining the walls does help, but it can still look naff.

Mark A Monk

Professional Painter and Decorator

Lining paper provides even porosity for the finishing paper. In saying that, I’ve still had curling edges I too hate wallpapering because you can’t judge the quality of the paper until you start.

Decorator Dan

Professional Painter and Decorator

I’ve read loads of Laura Ashley reviews. It is very poor-quality paper to be honest. Sometimes you’re lucky and it looks good. Most of the time it is a nightmare. Lining walls does help. The lining paper soaks up the excess paste and prevents it from over-soaking the Laura Ashley.

Luke Simon

Professional Painter and Decorator

Blog written by Emily Wells – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 5, 2024 | Posted Aug 22, 2019 | 2 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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  1. Gary Gardner

    I’ve had many years experience in paperhanging from wide vinyl to woodchip. I’ve found that lining walls Always brings major results.
    Laura Ashley has its moments it’s expensive tissue paper patterned that’s all I’ll refuse to hang most of it even at higher prices .
    Some paste the wall ones are ok but stay away if you can it’s not a good result at the end and decorator always gets blame .

  2. Joyce Smith

    Have just put up Laura Ashford’s gosford cranberry on a feature wall, paste the wall type, was careful and the finish good, joins unseen, no creases, and this was a wall that is not straight any were, and has a bad corner, but did it and all matched, and lost very little of the design up to the ceiling, and that’s 2 x70 odd year olds, and not decoraters, just good DIY,ers, would get again


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