WRX Trade Satinwood Review

Updated Apr 26, 2023 | Posted Jun 27, 2021 | Product Review, Paints | 5 comments

After being sent this WRX satinwood to try from The Decorators Forum UK, I thought I’d give it ago. I had much trepidation because it was a brand I’d never heard of.

WRX Trade Satinwood is a fully water-based acrylic satinwood which is suitable for interior woodwork only. It contains no alkyd in it at all so, it should never turn yellow. Available online and several other paint outlets. Click here to see online prices.

This satinwood is self-undercoating over old oil-based coatings, touch dry after an hour and recoat after 6 hours, meaning it is possible to apply more than one coat in a day. As with all products of this type, it will carry on curing for a week or so after you’ve applied the paint.



I was asked to try this out by spray and rather than using my airless, Idecided to put it through my Qtech Q5.

I found it quite thin straight from the tin. Almost like Caparol NAST Pu Satin, if you have tried that? I was worried that because it was thin, I’d have difficulties with runs like I do with products like Aqua Guard from Johnstone’s. However, this wasn’t the case. I didn’t get a single run with the WRX satinwood. I was very impressed.


I did add 5% water to it anyway, although the tin didn’t mention anything about spraying.

The WRX also dried to touch within 45 minutes.

It recommends 6 hours between coats, but with it being a warm day I only allowed 4 hours.

I did a scratch test after the first coat on top of Caparol Haftprimer in one section and Teknos Futura Primer for the main staircase. The WRX was absolutely solid after one coat!!

I did a further coat, and the whiteness is astounding.

Toughness is on a par with Scuff X Satin in my view, but at a much cheaper price.

Would I use it again? Yes is my answer, although I do like the ability of paints lately to be used inside and out, so I can keep stock to a minimum. However, this is a premium product for a reasonable price. The finish is spectacular, as is the durability. It just flies on too!!

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WRX Trade Satinwood Review – by Alan Saddler

WRX trade satinwood review - a water based paint which doesn't need an adhesion primer
a door painted with water-based satinwood
interior decorating carried out by Alan Saddler

Updated Apr 26, 2023 | Posted Jun 27, 2021 | 5 comments

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  1. Anton marsh decor.

    Good review
    As a scuff x user I’ll be interested to try it know for myself although it’ll be by brush for me.
    Looks very white although it is next to a vibrant blue so will.

  2. Richard

    Good gear covers fairly well for water based no annoying small runs that just magically appear like Dulux Diamond etc .
    Definitely better than that…
    Lot faster to apply than Johnstone aqua water satin.

    • Rob Hopkins

      Worst satin I ever used.. reacted every time to polyfilla and would not cover after three coats.. Thin old tak paints easily but stays as you left it.. No run out..so many brush marks it looked cheap and tacky and it was.. I messaged the company and got no reply at all.. Quick to take your money.. Lost me a days work all in all five litres cost me well over 200 quid.. Won’t buy again from WRX.. Rob… pinner a very professional decorator..

      • Vince Robinson

        We had a similar experience with it. Piled it on in hope it would level out, but it didn’t, so second coated with Everal Aqua 10.

        Probably better if spraying but not the best to brush.

        Whiter than the Tikkurila, but not in the same league for application or finish.

  3. Paul Jordan

    Thanks to all above for helpful comments. I had only seen rave reviews previously, so it’s useful to also hear some reservations and negative experiences. I think new products often get good initial reviews, and it is only once used in multiple situations in the real world that some failings become apparent.
    I’m wondering if the WRX is a little like the Benjamin Moore paints. I use BM Aura across all substrates when budgets allow, or BM Advance when levelling is paramount (e.g. radiators) but for trim you have to be brave and moisten surfaces liberally before applying. Application and finish is then genuinely fantastic, but without keeping brush and surfaces really quite wet you’d wonder what the fuss was about and why you’d wasted your money…..


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